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Clever ways to update a kitchen

Clever ways to update a kitchen

Clever ways to update a kitchen, simple and impactful ways to give your kitchen a refresh and update its look #kitchenmakeover #kitchendecor #kitchendesign



Simple & clever ways to update a kitchen

My kitchen looks quite poky and has been getting me down n- I have been thinking hard about simple but cleaver ways to update a kitchen. It is the room i spend the most time and ithe place we gather most as a family

It needs an update and I have been searching for ideas. It’s all very simple really ….


The lighting in our kitchen is a bit dim and consists of clusters of spotlights. I think strip lighting would be a better solution and really illuminate the space.


Clever ways to update a kitchen – Co-ordination

Our floor is different wood to our table, our toaster and kettle are slightly different colours to each other, our clock is red and the kitchen is cream and white. Hmmm. I think a little co-ordination would go a long way!


Clever ways to update a kitchen


Clever ways to update a kitchen – Bright and white

I have painted the walls and ceiling a bright white and decluttered madly recently and this has helped a great deal in relieving the rather glum feel it has. I have really attempted to keep the surfaces as clear as possible  but  I do so wish it was bigger and lighter.


Bifold doors

Quickslide, are a  company who provide high quality windows and doors. I  am impressed by their  Aluminium Bi-Fold Doors. I love the way they open up to bring the outside in. Just gorgeous and such a sleek and modern look too  what a difference it would make to feel part of the garden whilst actually inside and all that fabulous fresh air too.

This could work so well for us.

Clever ways to update a kitchen


I love the idea of bifold doors for another reason too. They seem to me a good  option particularly for a family as they seem a much safer option to me than heavy glass doors that can swing back and trap little fingers. they are also far less cumbersome and cannot be so easily broken by a stray football!


So a few simple but clever ways to update a kitchen and give it a sleek fresh look.


Can you think of any more?



Clever ways to update a kitchen is a Collaborative post

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  1. Xiaomi Mi4
    June 3, 2016 / 9:35 am

    So beautiful, your design so pretty and bright

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