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Coffee Corner in the Kitchen: How to Create the Best Coffee Space

Do you want to create a cozy and multifunctional coffee corner in the kitchen? Here are some great tips and hacks that can help you. It’s very simple!

Almost every family loves to drink coffee. It’s simple. This wonderful drink is relevant at any time of the day. Typically, most people use coffee makers in the kitchen. This solution has several advantages. First, you always have access to water and beans. Secondly, you can clean your device on time or add extra ingredients to coffee.


Create a coffee corner in the kitchen

But what if you want to strike a balance between functionality and aesthetics?

Then you need to create a coffee corner in the kitchen.


coffee corner


Wall Shelves Are a Must in a coffee corner

Regardless of which corner of the kitchen you want to place the jars, you need the best coffee beans. First, it would be wise to think about the shelves. Buy at least two shelves that allow you to store sugar, cinnamon, honey, condiments, or decorative items. One of the most common options is to use one of the corners of the kitchen. P

lace your coffee maker on the table. Put bottles with toppings nearby. Attach the shelves above your coffee maker. Now all your accessories will not take up much space. Plus, you can buy the same cans or cups, so you don’t break the style.


Use Angular Shelves in your coffee corner

Angular shelves are another great idea for those looking to save kitchen space. Let’s say that your room is not designed to accommodate many gadgets, cans, and bottles. If you install 2-3 angular shelves, you can compensate for the lack of free space. Here you can place a small coffee maker, a jar of sugar, beans, and a couple of cups.

If you take measurements especially carefully, then you will have little room even for flowers. Then your coffee corner will look perfect.


Use a Niche in Kitchen Furniture

Most likely, you have kitchen furniture. This is a great opportunity to accommodate all devices. Many kitchen furniture types have large niches like the ones students who usually search for an essay assistance have at their kitchens in the dorm. This means that you can put the coffee machine, coffee set, cezve, saucers, sugar, and beans there. The main plus is that you will not break the style of your room.

Moreover, such a coffee corner will be quite multifunctional. Place only the essentials in the niche. Do not litter this place with coasters, spoons, and plates. It is best if you leave some free space. Then you can create a universal corner where everything you need for brewing drinks will be.


coffee corner



Use a Table and Shelves for your coffee corner

Sometimes your kitchen doesn’t have enough space to make a full coffee corner. But don’t despair. How about placing your coffee maker and all accessories on the table and shelves? The main plus is that you do not have to do many actions when you want to brew a drink.

Place the beans, sugar, and toppings on the table. All cups can be hung on hooks on the first shelf. Then your coffee set will not take up space on the table. Place on the back shelves all those things that you use least often. Then you will have a beautiful and multifunctional coffee corner.


Use a Kitchen Cabinet and Shelves

If your kitchen is large enough, you can reserve a separate space for your coffee machine and all accessories. Why clutter a table when you can buy a kitchen cabinet and place all the plates, cups, and spoons there? Place your coffee machine on the cabinet. You can also put a jar of beans, sugar, and cinnamon here. Buy a nice wall shelf and attach the cup hooks. You can even buy a small flower pot to make your decor cozier. Various signs, pictures, and stickers will help you create the feeling of a mini coffee shop in your kitchen.



If you do set up a coffee corner do send me a pic I would absolutely love to see it! 

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