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Color and Learn with Kids Academy

Think back to your childhood; what did you do to pass the time? Chances are, much of your time was spent coloring pictures! While many of us might assume that coloring is merely a favorite pastime, it also holds a bounty of valuable learning experiences that can enhance a child’s developing academic skills.

For the earliest of learners, coloring can help kids develop proper pencil grip as well as hand-eye coordination and improving concentration skills. As kids grow, they begin to experiment with shapes, objects, and colors to develop their artistic expression. Many children form such a deep love for drawing and coloring that they begin to do it as an enjoyable activity that helps to relieve stress and boredom.

Since the act of coloring fosters a whole host of benefits for kids, it only makes sense to provide them with as many coloring pages as they would like, but books can get expensive to buy. That’s why Kids Academy offers a vast collection of printable  coloring pages for kids that can be downloaded for free from the Kids Academy website.  


Color and Learn with Kids Academy

Coloring Pages to Meet a Child’s Learning Needs

While children may enjoy coloring pages of their favorite TV or movie characters, it’s important to offer a variety of different worksheets that can help them build academic skills as well. Kids Academy offers pages that cover the following topics:


  • Nature and Animals

Learning about science and the natural world is endlessly exciting for little learners! With so many creatures and habitats to discover, it’s no wonder that the zoo is a favorite destination for most youngsters. Since children are so curious about the world around them, nature and animals make for some of the best pictures. Kids Academy offers an adorable selection of coloring worksheets that depict jungle plants, exotic animals, the sea world and more!


Color and Learn with Kids Academy


  • Language Studies

Early literacy skills are critical for even the earliest of learners to master, as these skills are the building blocks on which all other learning is based! Coloring pages that cover language studies focus on scenes that depict sight words, phonics, the alphabet, as well as characters from popular songs, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes.

When it comes to learning their ABCs and sight words, coloring worksheets may include small amounts of text, with a joyful picture to color. For instance, in the following pages, kids are given the opportunity to color cute images, while parents may assist in reading the text to turn it into more of an ELA learning experience.


Color and Learn with Kids Academy



  • Social and Emotional Studies

Social studies is a subject that encompasses a wide range of topics from emotional learning to civic studies and world culture. With that said, Kids Academy offers a whole host of coloring pages that include holiday scenes, family life, and even history!


Color and Learn with Kids Academy


One reason why coloring is such an important task for early learners is because it helps them to process their big emotions and express themselves. Social studies worksheets also cover emotional learning so preschoolers can learn to recognize and process their feelings.


Apart from coloring pages, Kids Academy boasts of a huge printables collection that includes worksheets spanning topics across the curriculum. These worksheets are great for teaching children from preschool through the third grade everything from math, ELA, social studies, science, and even chess! In all, they offer over 3,000 standards-aligned worksheets that cover the core curriculum. Check them out at www.kidsacademy.mobi, or find them on the AppStore or Google Play!


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