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What are some common pregnancy mistakes that you might be making?

Today – What are some common pregnancy mistakes that you might be making?


What are some common pregnancy mistakes that you might be making?

While most women do know how to manage their eating and exercising habits when pregnant, there are a few finer factors that they might not be aware of. Since pregnancy can be a sensitive period, it is important that you avoid some common mistakes to avoid an undesirable situation. This article will discuss how you can avoid some mistakes that pregnant women can make sometimes during pregnancy, due to lack of knowledge.

What are some common pregnancy mistakes that you might be making?


Not eating properly – common pregnancy mistakes

Prior to pregnancy, the calorie intake of women should be between 1800 to 2000 calories. However during pregnancy, you should consume an additional 300 calories to ensure the proper growth and development of the baby. Numerous ladies expect that during pregnancy you have to consume twofold the measure of calories you usually eat but this is counterproductive to the wellbeing of your child.

If you are gaining a lot of weight doing pregnancy because of over eating, you might be in danger for gestational diabetes or preeclampsia. It likewise puts you in danger for other health problems after delivery. It’s smarter to intake three parts of nutritious meals every day. For example, organic food, green vegetables, raw vegetables, eggs and nuts. Make sure that you stay hydrated which can help keep cravings for food under control.


While you might think that anti-depressants or other over the counter medicines might not have much effect on your pregnancy, the truth is that every medicine you intake can have effect on the growth of the fetus. Paracetamols, acne creams and even harsh beauty treatments should be avoided during pregnancy as these too can have adverse effects on your pregnancy.

Only take the medicines that you doctor has prescribed you, avoid taking any medications without consulting your doctor. Any supplements or vitamins prescribed by your doctor can help the proper growth of the baby. If the vitamins or supplements make you nauseous, consult your doctor immediately. If you are prone to headaches or stomachaches, consult your doctor instead of self-medicating.


Not exercising daily – common pregnancy mistakes

Maybe you didn’t care for exercise before your pregnancy however it’s an essential part of having a healthy and safe pregnancy. Not exercising during pregnancy can be very harmful for your body. Exercise will help increase the circulation of blood flow in your body, prepare your body for the endurance of labor and delivery and in addition help battle stress hormones. 

If you were not exercising before getting pregnant, it is better that you start exercising as soon as possible Converse with your specialist in case you don’t know where to begin or what your impediments are. In case you’re working with a coach, chat with them about making a regimen that works for pregnancy. Try not to put weight on your stomach muscles while working out. Additionally, don’t go up against new exercise challenges. Strolls after supper and pregnancy yoga are two excellent approaches to work out.





Not getting proper rest

Make sure that you are getting sufficient rest when you are pregnant. Overworking yourself or being tired constantly can have bad impact on the health of the baby. When you are pregnant, your body undergoes many physical and hormonal changes, therefore proper rest is necessary for you and your baby. Not resting properly can cause fatigue and can even make you prone to cold and flu.

If you are getting less than 6 hours of sleep, you need to increase your rest time. Going through a normal labor and delivery require you to be fit and strong. It is better to go to bed early and wake up early. If you have too much pressure to handle the house chores, you can hire a housekeeper for the time being. If you are a working woman, talk to your boss to allow you an extended break time during which you can take power naps. It is also important to keep in mind that over sleeping can be a problem as well. Set a routine so you can go to bed on time and wake up on time.


Skipping the planning of birth – common pregnancy mistakes

It is important that you plan how you will be giving birth. Ladies that have already conceived an offspring will inform you it’s extremely emotional. You’ll need to guarantee your wants are met by picking a center or doctor’s facility and a specialist that will meet your particular needs. 

It is recommended that you research on the kinds of birth plans accessible. Begin by working out a reasonable birth plan on what you need and how to meet your wants. Do you feel great with your specialist at present or the hospital/clinic you plan to give birth in? In case you do not, look for other doctors or specialists in your area.



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