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Community spirit in 2018

Community spirit in 2018

We are all part of the wider world and we impact it in every way, every single day.


community spirit in 2018


Do you have community spirit? A social spirit? Do you help enhance and support your community or are you a drain on it? Take a look at this e-book created by Glasdon which offer tips and advice on how we can positively impact the enviromnet by making changes to our everyday life. You can download it here Socially responsible me e-book

An important read don’t you think?

Small changes make a big difference and the ebook explains it is the responsibility of all of us, not just governments to work towards the global goals of halting climate change and increasing sustainability

So what can we as individual actually do? So much, there is so much we can do in all areas o our life to make a positive impact . Here are just a few of the key points made by the ebook. So easy for all of us to implement…

  • We can reduce, reuse and recyle ( we need to be creative, thoughtful and committed)
  • We can save energy wherever possible ( it is always possible we just need to be aware and mindful)
  • We need to role model social responsibility to our children ( we need to teach, showcase and educate)

Very simple activities such as making yours a paperless office, going volunteering, using recycling bins all add up to create a socially responsible society and a much better world.

Throwing way your coffee cup, using a plastic water bottle and one use containers well they negatively impact our world.

You choose with each action you take,

You can change your mindset and change your actions to change the world.

|Do so download the ebook and have a good read – its powerful impactful and ideas are easy to implement.

You can join the conversation by using the hashtag #mysocialspirit and find lots of great ideas and share yours too.



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  1. Masteri for rent
    July 10, 2018 / 3:11 am

    I still have nothing but the community as a whole 🙁

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