Have you considered buying a day bed ?

Have you considered buying a day bed?

I have to say I do think day beds are rather fabulous.

My friend Amanda has one for her teenager daughter and it allows her to have own little lounge bedroom which makes her feel so much more grown up. Great for space and somewhere to sit when she has friends over too.

I would want one to go in the spare room.

So much nicer than a fold away camp bed. So much more elegant too. To be honest we don’t have guests to stay a lot as family live close by, so for this to look like a lovely seat most of the time would be really handy. A room with a big bed stuck in hardly ever being used is just such a waste I think.

I also think compared to a bed settee they really do look much more like a real bed, which is much nicer if you have guests. If you used a long valance sheet the day bed below would look exactly like a real bed and a rather beautiful one too.


In my fantasy guest room I would have a beautiful long ,white French desk with all white accessories. I would have a huge window with white voile curtains looking out over a garden filled with bright flowers. An enormous white rug would cover dark stained wooden floor boards and I would have lots of gorgeous, gre, white and black cushions. There would be lots of large white lamps and my desk would be tidy (a fantasy indeed!)

The day bed would be my sofa to read on and relax and it would look a little like this…

3ft Single Serene Eleanor Day Bed in Opal White


How lovely my office fantasy is ! The reality at the moment is a spare room we use to just dump stuff in and a blow up mattress…we have to improve on that! It needs to be a beautiful space!

All the day bed images are taken from the lovely bedsite  www.bedsonlegs.co.uk


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