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Considering Reupholstery as an Alternative to Buying New Furniture?

Furniture replacement and buying costs can be very high. When you are already spending a lot of money on relocating or buying a house, it is particularly challenging. Reupholstering used or vintage furniture is a great substitute for buying new furniture. It can produce exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces that you can properly coordinate with the rest of your home. It is not only far more affordable, but also much more environmentally friendly.

If you are thinking about having your furniture reupholstered rather than purchasing new pieces, this article will provide you with all the information you need.


Considering Reupholstery as an Alternative to Buying New Furniture?


Finding the right piece

It can be difficult to choose the appropriate item. Ignore the finish and look for one with good shape and style. You must personally inspect it to ensure that it is in sufficient condition. It might be better to steer clear if you spot any severe issues, such as cracks or warped surfaces. Scratches on wood can be repaired with sanding and staining.


Find and get a quote from an upholstery service

The following stages involve locating an upholsterer and getting a cost estimate. Upholstery does require the help of experts in order to prevent the waste of your time and money. To get an estimate for your piece, you must first measure the cushions and send them to your upholsterer. Learn more about the associated charges here.


Choosing the fabric

A large number of textiles are available, each with a different price range and aesthetic impact on your furniture. Linen works nicely on sofas and suits cosy, calm settings. While it resists fading, you might want to choose a richer colour if you’re looking for a family sofa because it might not hold up to heavy use. Although leather may cost more than other fabrics and has a more conventional, formal appearance, it will also last longer. Since cotton is durable and more economical than other textiles, it is a particularly popular choice for upholstery. Additionally, consider the space where the furniture will be put as well as its style.


Consider adding any details

Upholsterers can do more than just switch out the fabric. To define lines, think of using cord, piping, mixed cord, or cord with a lip. Try channelling or tufting if you want a more traditional look; take this away if you want your piece to look more contemporary.



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