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Contagious Creativity Quote

How I believe in passing things on – I love this Contagious Creativity quote

My son painted this picture when he was 5 years old.

He had been told by his teacher to draw a house in plain pencil.


 contagious creativity


Grades and great artists don’t necessarily go together

He however quite rightly lived in a world of colour.

That year he got a grade C in art, apparently he wasn’t great at following direction.Artists don’t follow direction they create it.

Who gives any child a C for art? How would it help them flourish?

He inspired me to write a book.

This Contagious creativity is perfect!

He inspires his sister to draw.

He now writes comics.

He is still creative, and fabulous.

Mister Maker Art and Craft Chest


As a family we make stories together.

Creativity rocks – it is so bonding too.

It needs to be nourished, nurtured glow and grow.

No more grey pencils and rules for our children.


Red Ted Art is an inspirational children’s arts and crafts blog



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I hope you enjoy this  Contagious Creativity quote and apply it in your own life – some and take a peek at my post on free printable wall art

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