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Cool Silver Rings – for stacking and layering

I am a HUGE fan of cool silver rings. In my time I have probably tried about every variation. I have some old and new favourites, all of which make me smile. Without perfume and my rings I never feel fully ready to go out so they are pretty important to me!


Old favourite cool silver rings

Favourites that spring to mind include a gorgeous silver puzzle ring that I had in my teens that I bought from an amazing hippie store in Hockley. I could never complete it though as it was so complicated so whenever I accidentally pulled it apart my best friend had to fix it for me! 

I also had a silver ring with a turquoise stone that was bought for me by a boyfriend in Mexico and oh, I loved it so much. And then there was another cool silver ring with a flower on I bought in memory of a great aunt, who I loved. I bought it when she passed with the money she had left me.  Last year I was sick for a while and bought myself an affirmation silver ring with ‘I am strong’ written on and that has been a really lovely thing to wear in hard times.

I love a lovely ring, especially a stacking ring  and cool silver rings are my favourites by far, understated and pretty and suitable for both dress up and every day.


New favourite cool silver rings! 

Let me show you some new stacking rings I have been reviewing and loving from Daisy London Jewellery. These rings are perfect for wearing by themselves or for layering and stacking. I think they are just gorgeous.



Iota Daisy Ring £55


Isla Coral Stacking Ring  £29



Estée Lalonde Thea Chunky Stacking Ring Sterling Silver £59



Rose Quartz Healing Stone Ring Sterling Silver £29

Cool Silver Rings



Isla Shell Stacking Ring Sterling Silver £35


Cool Silver Rings


Estée Lalonde Sunburst Stacking Ring Sterling Silver £39



Aren’t all these cool silver rings just absolutely fantastic! I love their different shapes and styles but also how well they all work together,  Jewellery gifts  like these are by  far my favourite gift option whether receiving or giving.  Daisy London jewellery is also wrapped so perfectly they are ready to gift just as they arrive. 



Cool Silver Rings


Cool Silver Rings


A ring can be a very personal thing but you can never get it wrong with a pretty silver ring  they are just the ultimate in wearability. 

Tell me about you. Do you love cool silver rings too? And are you a fan of stacking rings?




Items sent to me for review but all thoughts and opinions are my own 

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