Fanatstic deal on cosmetics at Superdrug

A wonderful deal on on cosmetics at Superdrug starting today It’s 3 for 2 across the range and you can get a free make up bag too!


Superdrug cosmetics are great value at the best of times.

I have been reviewing a little selection and I have to say I am impressed.

The GOSH forever lip shines are my favourite as they are super easy to apply, shiny and smooth and come in a lovely range of colours. £6.99

I also really rate GOSH No Limit Lash mascara which gives great extension £7.99

The GOSH velvet touch lipstick Innocent was just my colour and was long lasting and good value at  £6.99


isn’t it a fab colour….

LipstickI am loving the budget cosmetics at Superdrug. It is nice to  look nice but isn’t it also brilliant to save some of you heard earned money!

Don’t be swayed by glossy packaging and brand names. make up is not all that differenr and honestly it is not going to ‘change your life’ is just going to make you look a little different really.

That’s it!

My little girl is 8 and swears she will never ever wear make up. Now that’s what I call true budget beauty indeed.


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