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Cosy Winter Fashion from Femme Luxe

This post is a review of cosy winter fashion from Femme Luxe

 As most of you you know I work from home as a writer and spend most of my days at my desk it is so important for me to be comfortable as I do. 

 However I also pop out a lot! I pop out for quite a few reasons but they are all really important to me. I often go for a quick coffee with  friend or colleague  or perhaps for a walk done to my local canal or round the block. It doesn’t matter how cold it is I still get up and get going. The reason this matters to me so much is that sitting still writing all day just makes my body feel stiff and uncomfortable I have to loosen up and get moving. I also find that I really need the daylight and without it my mood gets low. Finally the socializing …working home alone can make me go into my head so a coffee with a friend is a must do to keep me feeling connected to the bigger wider world.

 So yes comfy matters but I cannot go  full on PJ’s I need to be able to get out and about too and i always like to look like I have made an effort.

 But what to wear when  I want to look good whilst feeling comfy.

 This is what I have been trying out from the Femme Luxe range this month that has been ticking all my comfy but cute boxes.  


Lovely Loungewear  – Fashion from Femme Luxe

Women’s loungewwear sets are the perfect work at home outfit  and also look good enough for a quick trip out. I loved this one I reviewed from Femme Luxe.



I also loved the grey marl skinny set I think it is super stylish and really could not have been more comfortable. 



Here it is on me as I take some chill down time and work on my romance novel (watch this space!) It’s going very well by the way and I am about 2/3 way through so I am thinking possibly by next Christmas it could be out in the world. l am  keeping everything crossed and my fingers madly tap tapping away,





Also from Femme Luxe I reviewed these cute white joggers which I think look so nice tucked in to little UGG booties. I am loving white this winter it looks so fresh and clean and goes so well with all the neutral tones around. 



A little smarter but still super comfy 

As you can I see I am all about the cosy but once in a while I do like to make a bit more of an effort and these leather look leggings,  whilst still soft and elasticated (very important in mince pie and after eight mint season. I do think these are a smarter look than the lovely lounge wear and I would be happy to meet for a Christmas lunch wearing these. 



Again with the neutrals but I also could see myself pairing this with a crisp long line white shirt and long boots?

 How would you wear these faux leather (PU) leggings  from Femme Luxe – I am open to suggestions!  They also sell a lovely selection of ripped jeans for women that I most definitely have my eye on. 


The dresses

Some Christmas parties are a little more ‘dress up’ than others and Femme Luxe have a rather huge and totally lovely array of dresses to get you feeling right in the party mood.

You cannot go wrong with a little black dress but this year I have been look a for a white midi dress for something different. I am loving this dalmatian print! 



What are you wearing mostly right now? Do drop me a comment and fill me in. 

‘Tis a funny season isn’t it ..you want to be warm and super cosy because it is winter but then we have all these opportunities to get out and about too don’t we that require us be a bit more sparkly and fashion forward.

 I am all bout neutrals and monochrome colour wise and comfy winter fashion is winning the day in my life. It is just so cold! 






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