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Crane Humidifier Review

I have so enjoyed my Crane humidifier review.

Not only is it pretty as a picture it is also cleaning up my home by purifying the air and it sounds good and it smells good.

Impressive stuff.


Crane Humidifier Review

Let me tell you a bit more about its features.




 This could not have been easier, the instructions are super straightforward and it was assembled (by me) in about 2 minutes.



Functionality of the Crane Humidifier

This is a super quiet 4-in-1 humidifier that features:

  • an ultrasonic cooling mist to purify the air and promote the best humidity levels (perfect for families where back to school germs come home in abundance)
  •  3 soothing sounds from the natural world (super relaxing)
  • an aroma tray to enhance relaxation
  • and an optional nightlight in a variety of colours ( or rotating colours) .

It is even safe to use around babies (thought obviously the unit needs to be away from their reach) It is designed to promote better sleep and better health.


Crane Humidifier Review


How it works & heath benefits

Crane brings  500sq of coverage, and the cooling mist refreshing the air to reduces the spread of viruses providing instant relief from some of the symptoms.  Alongside the seasonal patterns, which show that cold and flu viruses tend to thrive and spread more in colder weather (and as well when we spend more time indoors), keeping the air clean is vitally important important.

The 3.8L water tank it will last for up to 40 hours, and the mist can be directed into whatever area you wish. The water tank can easily be refilled form the top.

An essential oil pad can be added to the base to bring other potential health benefits. I plan to largely use the humidifier in my bedroom and I will be mainly using a jasmine and lavender aromatherapy pad to aid my sleep. 


Crane Humidifier Review – final thoughts

This is an attractive, easy to use and multi functional humidifier – there is a lot to love about it!


The Crane Humidifier costs £99 and  is available here



I love this dehumidifier; it is small, attractive, multifunctional and a simple way to boost my family’s health.

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