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5 Tactics To Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom

Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom with these simple but super effective tips. 


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How to Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom – top tips

Do you long to know how to create an easy to clean bathroom?

I’ve yet to meet a person that adores cleaning their bathroom. Of course, it may be the company I keep, but I suspect that it is a job that is universally despised. Luckily, there are some smart tactics that you can use to minimise the amount of elbow grease you have to expend in the bathroom, and still, keep it spick and span. Read on to find out what they are.


Get some air flowing To Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom

The first tactic to use in keeping your bathroom cleaner and more hygienic is to ensure that there is decent airflow. In fact, contrary to popular belief a ventilation system in the bathroom is not primarily designed to remove nasty smells, but to ensure that any damp is quickly dried out. Something that can prevent the growth of mould, and dis-colouration of your fixtures and fittings.


In fact, of one the critical tasks in keeping your bathroom as clean as possible, will be keeping it as dry as you can as well, and so anything that can contribute to this will be helpful. In some cases that may mean getting rid of things like bath and toilet mats, and even using a dehumidifier where necessary.


To Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom


Say no to tiles in order to Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom

Tiles can look beautiful in a bathroom setting, but using them come along with one major disadvantage and it’s that the grout needed to keep them in place often discolours and attracts mould. What this means is that you have to work hard to keep the group clean and mould free if you want your bathroom to look is best at all times.

Happily, there are some strategies that can help you get around this issue, and the first is to avoid using small tiles. This is because they will increase the area that is grouted in your bathroom and just amplify the problem.

Alternatively, another more practical option may be to go for shower panels in the bathroom and avoid using tile at all. The reason being that they are not only modern and attractive but so much easier to clean and to keep looking new over a more extended period.  ArchiPro has a range of shower panels and bases you can browse.


Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom? Go for a minimalist approach

While this bathroom unit may look stylish the fiddly details will make it hard to keep clean.


Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom

Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom


Use Minimalism

Less stuff in the bathroom makes it easier to clean one crucial reason. This is that there is less surface area to get dirty, which means that your regular bedroom cleaning schedule can go from having to scrub the entire room down every time to a quick wipe over with some antibacterial spray, with a deeper clean only occasion.

This means picking out fixtures and fitting that are low profile, wall-mounted, and free of any fancy design work that can act as a magnet for collecting dust, dirt and grime.

In fact, some folks fully embrace this idea and install a wet room instead of the traditional bathroom layout. Something that means it can all be cleaned quickly in one fell swoop with a spray of the shower, making things much more manageable.

That’s how to create and easy to clean bathroom


Create An Easy To Clean Bathroom



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