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How to Create a Beautiful and Productive Home Study

Productive Home Study

Productive Home Study


How to Create a Beautiful and Productive Home Study

Are you wondering how to create a productive home study?

Whether you’re using your study to bring work home from the office or for personal projects, it brings with it an opportunity to design and create a beautiful environment perfectly suited to channelling your creative output.


 A Productive Home Study needs to be Light and Airy

Eschew clinical office designs and create a personal space full of energy and inspiration. Make the most of the light by hanging mirrors on the walls, put up a few pieces of artwork, along with quirky personal details (an ornament that reminds you of holidays, a few framed photographs). Smell is so important to get your mind focused; think about including an oversized bowl of citrus fruits or a zingy room spray.

Introduce a pot plant or two, and don’t forget to stock up on a few gorgeously covered notebooks, like these from Liberty, which are both beautiful and practical.


Comfort in Space

Give yourself the personal space you need with simple, clean-lined fixtures and furnishings. Minimalistic furnishings like these from FADS are ideal for personal studies and offices.

Give yourself room to move around and stretch your legs, using the space to reach for new ideas and elegant solutions. There is no need to adhere to the standard office setup on one chair, one desk and a lamp – invest in whatever you feel most comfortable with.


Separate Yourself

One of the big menaces of working from home is procrastination; the lure of a cup of tea and the crossword can be all too great. Make sure everything you need is at hand – a walk to the kitchen for a pair of scissors could soon turn into a walk to the kitchen for a pair of scissors and a snack via the sofa.

It is also important to be able to leave your work in the study, so make sure if possible that this is a space for working only. You want a space that you can shut the door on after a long day. Placing your study in a room adjoined to one of your home’s social spaces will make it harder for you to unwind.


Stay in Touch in your Productive Home Study

Install Skype on your computer, adding customers and clients to your contact list so you are constantly in correspondence with them. This will remove the temptation to call friends or family, just for a little human interaction during the day.

Being available at all times also ensures you will not miss any advances or changes in the workplace, keeping you constantly in the loop.


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  1. Nadia
    August 15, 2014 / 3:38 pm

    I find it really difficult to motivate myself when I’m working from home, so I take breaks and go out to the local coffee shop to break things up a bit. I also think a really good lamp is a must – the room I work in at home doesn’t have the best light.

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