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How to create the perfect first date – 5 Best Tips

How to create the perfect first date.


How to create the perfect first date

For those committed to their faith, it can be tricky to ensure you find someone who shares your devotion. One of the best ways to find a compatible partner is by exploring online dating for Christians and meeting people who have mutual interests and life goals. Once you have agreed to meet someone, the key to an ideal first date is building a shared experience that creates a romantic bond from the very first meeting. Read on for more advice.


How to create the perfect first date


Pick a meaningful first date activity
This is not to say a first date should be staged around a peace protest or charity work, it simply means giving yourself a chance to have meaningful interactions with your date. Rather than taking a trip to a silent, dark cinema where you can’t talk or share stories, opt for a casual coffee, a lunch date or even a day trip where you can really get to know your date in an easy and relaxed environment. Also keep your first date to less than two hours to ensure you can clip things short if you don’t feel that spark. A good date can always be extended!


Ask engaging questions
Rather than trying to impress your date with your knowledge of current affairs or art, make sure to take an active interest in them. Ask about their dreams, plans and profession and enjoy the feeling of nurturing a burgeoning rapport by sharing some of your own passions. Remember, try to spend equal amounts of time speaking and listening.

Relax – thats’s how to create the perfect first date
The best way to put out a relaxed vibe and put your date at ease is by adopting a positive mind-set. Every first date is a chance to learn something new, get a new perspective or try something different.


How to create the perfect first date


Maintain eye contact
The ideal first date is created when two people strike up a shared bond and a big part of this is body language. One key part of body language is eye contact as it shows confidence and builds trust. Keep all of your body language relaxed and comforting by using small gestures, slower movements and maintaining a healthy distance.


Make an effort
Always ensure you are well groomed and looking your best for your first meeting. This said, always ensure that you present the real you to ensure that any connection you feel is genuine.

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