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How to Create the Perfect Games Room

How to Create the Perfect Games Room


How to Create the Perfect Games Room


If you’re starting from scratch, though, how do you choose your equipment?

How to Create the Perfect Games Room – tops tips

Lets look today how to create the perfect games room

Many of us dream of having a fully equipped games room at home. Whether it’s for unwinding after a hard day, entertaining friends, or somewhere the kids can stay out of mischief while having fun and improving their skills, a games room is a perfect addition to any home.


The Table

The centrepiece of most games rooms will be a table, whether your favourite game is snooker, pool or billiards. If you view snooker tables from Hamilton Billiards, you can see that there’s a wealth of both styles and sizes to choose from.

Ideally, we’d all like the kind of full-size table our heroes play on in the World Snooker tournaments. If space is at a premium, though, or you need something smaller for younger children, many manufacturers create tables right down to 6ft, in the same kind of range of styles you’d expect from a full-sized table. Alternatively, if you want a multi-use room, why not have a convertible diner — a beautiful dining table that reveals a surface for snooker, pool or billiards when the meal is over.

How to Create the Perfect Games Room

A snooker, pool or billiard table is a piece of furniture as well as a practical playing surface, and like the rest of your home you’ll want your games room to reflect the overall style of your home. Fortunately, table manufacturers cater for a wide range of tastes, from ornate Jacobean-style oak to the clean lines of modernist steel. Some, including Hamilton Billiards, will even create a bespoke table to your specifications.


A Fully Equipped Games Room

A table is essential, but if you follow snooker on the BBC you’ll know lighting is crucial. You’ll need lights to fit your table size, but beyond that it’s important that they suit the room. Canopy lights might go with a modern look, while brass or steel rails with your preference of lampshades could look great in a more traditionally styled room.



Besides a host of other accessories (from cues and balls to table covers and cue racks) so you can play like the professionals at the Crucible, a well-equipped games room offers alternative options. If you have room for other tables, you might want table football or air hockey, while the ever-popular darts or table tennis take up less space.


But your snooker, pool or billiard table should be the centrepiece — and the choice available allows you to express your style just as with all your furniture.


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