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Create the Perfect Outdoor Pool Space

Do you wonder how to create the perfect outdoor pool space?

Summer is coming (did you catch the GoT reference?)… well it’s true anyway, summer is coming. Is your outdoor pool space ready for it? No? Well, there’s still time left to get it whipped into shape and ready for pool party time.




Create the Perfect Outdoor Pool Space

You’re definitely going to want to set up your outdoor pool space so that it provides a little bit of everything. Whether you are hosting youngsters or the elderly, you want everyone to feel comfortable in your pool area, and that includes you.

Design your pool area with not only ample seating, but also great potential for shade. You don’t need a permanent shade structure, per se, but perhaps some umbrellas or the option to unfurl a shade screen.

If you plan to throw large gatherings, you might want to invest in a barbecue pit or a grill, that way you can feed the masses while they are playing in the water. Of course, you’ll want ample flotation devices and toys, perhaps a changing area, and even an outdoor shower to rinse the chlorine off.

You’ll also want to consider whether you want a privacy screen up between you and the neighbors. It’s all too easy these days to have prying eyes spying on your pool parties, so you might like to put up a privacy screen between you and your neighbors.

However you decide to design your space, make sure you remain the hostess with the mostess with an incredible swimsuit and cover up. Shop for the finishing touches at Ann Summers- you can go with either a bikini or onesie, and get a beautiful cover up to go over it all. Groupon UK has some great discount codes for Ann Summers as well.  That way when you are out of the pool, privacy screen or no, no one will be able to see anything too revealing.

Enjoy your pool area this summer- it’s going to be a hot one, thanks to global warming. But it will be such a worthwhile project- when you see everyone playing and splashing about, you’ll be so thankful you put in all the hard work to make an outdoor pool space a reality.


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