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How to create the ultimate man den

How to create the ultimate man den

How to create the ultimate man den


How to create the ultimate man den – top tips

Want to create your ultimate man den? Then there are a few things you need to consider, which are broadly represented by these four words: sit, watch, enjoy, refresh. Read on to discover our top tips on creating your man den, follow them, and you’ll soon be ready to hide in your man den.



Somewhere to sit in your man den

First and foremost, you’ll need something to sit back and relax on. Try a recliner for the ultimate in man den accessories or a highly cushioned couch to pop your feet up on. Whichever you choose, you’ll need somewhere comfortable enough for lazing around for hours on end. There’s a vast array of choices on offer, from black leather bean bags to inflatable sofas and massage chairs, the options are endless, just ‘Google’ and see.


Something to watch in your man den

Next up, you’ll need a huge TV, whether it’s flat-screen or curved, you’ll need a TV with a screen that dominates the room, and that is preferably wall mounted. Debate abounds about which is the right choice of TV right now – the curved sort gives you a ‘deeper’ experience, a wider field of view and better contrast. On the other hand, they’ve been said to have a limited viewing angle and to emphasise reflections. Also, to get the full benefits curved screen TVs, they need to be big, and you need to be in the optimum position, right in front of the screen. The last two shortcomings won’t be a problem in your man den because it will be your television and you’ll be sitting right in front of it. Plus, f it’s a man den worth its salt, your screen will be very large indeed. In fact, if your screen is large enough, you might need some cinema style seating to go with it too.


Sound system in your man den

You’ll also need a suitable sounds system, perhaps a home theatre in a box – giving you a cinema-style experience or perhaps sleek bar speakers, which will give you better sound quality than the speakers built into your TV. Also, you might want to look out a pair of Bluetooth headphones, so you can hone your air guitar skills to your favourite tunes, without disturbing the neighbours.


Recreation at your fingertips

You’ll also want some other options for recreation at your fingertips in your den, such as a pool table, football table or a darts board, just for when your favourite match is at half time. (So that you’re at no risk of getting board).


Cool drinks in the ultimate man den

To make the most of your time in your man den, it’s also likely you’ll want some refreshments to hand – then what you need is a bottle cooler. That way, when you’ve been working really hard relaxing, you can have drinks to hand, and you won’t need to surface for hours to come. Moreover, create a bar area which incorporates your bottle cooler, and you’ll be all set to host your friends for the next big sporting event, live on TV.


How to create the ultimate man den


At the ready

So there you have our top tips for how to create the ultimate den. From something to lounge around on to a little recreation and refreshment, follow our tips, and you’ll have the ultimate den to kick back and relax in. So get set to go and hide in your den.


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