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How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter

Today – How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter

How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter

How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter

Winter is most certainly upon us, and whilst many are getting excited about wrapping up for the festive season and snuggling up to a hot water bottle at night, there may be some who are dreading the cold. If you’re one of the ones who simply hates to be chilly, you’ll know that there’s nothing worse than a freezing cold bathroom first thing in the morning, or last thing at night.

To keep your bathroom toasty all winter (without spending too much of your Christmas budget), here are some great ways of warming your cockles after every shower or bath.


  1. To create a warm bathroom in winter – Use a Plush Rug to Warm Your Feet

The first thing we feel when we get out of the shower or bath tub, is the cold against our feet as the bathroom tiles touch your naked skin. Eliminate this chilly feeling by adding a rug to your bathroom floor. If you have a bit more money at your disposal, another great idea is a heated floor mat which can be installed beneath tiled or stone floors. These mats start from around £50 so a great little investment – and you can get more information on how to install on Familyhandyman.com.



  1. Install a Rack or Clothes Pegs for Dressing Gowns and Robes

Always keep fleece or towel robes close by so you can get warm as soon as you’ve dried off from your shower. Installing a wall mounted wall rack will also make your bathroom appear a bit more cosy and friendly. Or if you really want to get warm and cosy, opt for some heated towel pegs – these will help to release heat to your towels, which will not only make them much more appealing to use, but it also eliminates any problems of damp.


  1. Use a Heated Towel Rail to create a warm bathroom in winter

Heated towel rails are quick and easy ways of warming up your bathroom. The heat from a towel rail is confined to your bathroom so you don’t have to waste energy on heating the whole house every time you have a shower or bath. Towel rails are not expensive to run due to the relatively low output and they also keep your towels toasty so you can warm up as soon as you’re finished bathing.

How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter

  1. How to Create a Warm Bathroom in Winter Using Warm Colours  

Believe it or not, a trick of the mind can make you feel warmer in an instant. Step into an icy blue/white bathroom and you may get a sense of chilliness. Using warm colours for your bathroom décor or just simply changing your light bulb to a yellow tinted one can completely change the ambiance. Another great investment is to add warm-coloured bathroom furniture such as dark woods – to find out more about bathroom design, visit Utopia Bathroom Group


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