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Creating a summer look for your lounge

Summer look for your lounge – have you been wanting to create this?


summer look for your lounge

summer look for your lounge

Creating a summer look for your lounge – a 3 point plan

When it comes to making your home summer ready I think the lounge can be one of the most difficult of rooms to get right. This is because lounges are usually cosy rooms, they are the room we relax in, snuggling up to watch the TV or read a book.

We tend to envision them as cosy rooms and they just lend themselves to throws, cosy rugs, wonderful fires and low lit lamps.  All very Autumn/ Winter types of things that just don’t speak of summer days.

So how do we make our lounges feel more summery?

I have a 3 point plan:



Firstly I would declutter – taking out the throws and velour cushions, taking up the snuggly rug, maybe even taking down any heavy curtains. Just as we peel off the layers of winter with our heavy coats and jumpers so we need to lay bare our lounge and pare back it’s layered look.

I  have written about the power of decluttering before and my experience of having a professional declutter

There is a huge impact on both your emotional wellbeing as well as giving your home more space and refreshed and lighter look.

summer look for your lounge



Lighting a room is so very important and totally impacts how a room looks and how it makes us feel. Despite it being summer we are still after a cosy evening look but we also want a lovely clean and fresh look with our lighting that will add to the freshness of a summer lounge.

Over at Lights I have found a couple of beautiful lights that look sleek and uncluttered and would work so well in a summer lounge. This beautiful Fjella arc floor lamp would be perfect for a reading corner and its unfussy lines would be perfect for a room you are trying to keep fresh but well lit.


summer look for your lounge


I am also rather in love with the clean lines and individuality of this LED table lamp. It looks artistic and would add a little extra light when needed as the sun goes down. Isn’t it fabulous?



Good lighting makes such a difference to a room and I say be brave with it and adapt it to the seasons.


Nature is a huge step towards creating a summer look for your lounge

Nature is a wonderful way to summer up your lounge. A couple of beautiful green plants and a few sprigs of wildflowers can really add impact. The chamomile flowers below would also add a lovely natural scent to the area that just screams summers here.


creating a summer look for your lounge


Botanical prints can also be a lovely way to add some nature to your lounge so don’t forget to switch up your artwork too.


I hope you have enjoyed these ideas on creating a summer look for your lounge and I would be really interested to hear what you do to transition the seasons in your home?

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  1. bestvela
    June 11, 2018 / 10:12 am

    A list of small living room ideas would not be complete without the recommendation to select furniture that won’t overpower the room or appear to dominate the space. A sofa with thin arms and a tightly upholstered back is preferable to one with substantial arms and a multi-cushion back.


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