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Creating a beautfiul bedroom for my daughter

My daughter is growing up and is moving away from the pinks and the fairies and flowers and the butterflies that filled her younger years. At 7 she has started to be interested in music and writing stories and her hair!  Her bedroom doesn’t seem to reflect who she is anymore and I think it is time to help her to create  a new space.

I think the first thing that needs to go are the pinky purple very childish duvet cover and in their place perhaps something simple (no 1D covers please…. those years can come but not yet!)

We have just cleared her bookshelves of her baby books (though she could not quite bring herself to part with the Mr. Men or Miffy books.)

Next we need  proper sized desk and a lovely bed ( with storage) so the room looks less cluttered. I like the look of this cabin bed from Carpetright  (I didn’t know they sold kids beds either till recently!)

cabin bed

It’s still sweet,girly and young but quite simple and stylish too and I love the storage. I think this kind of bed would last her a good few years without her feeling she had ‘grown out’ of it.

Carpetright have just released their A/W look book and discuss the upcoming trends. There is a quite an oriental influence which I don’t feel is quite right for her, but the Meadow Breeze trend would be just perfect for Lisi’s room. It is all about airy white punctuated with the jewel bright hues of wild flowers.

I’ve seen this lovely desk..


and I think this carpet would be perfect…



There would still be lots of colour from her books and toys but I think the whites and the blues would add a sense of a calm that her often chaotic room needs. It is only a small room and the light, bright colour should add a sense of space to it and make it feel larger.

White shelving and lots of it to keep items (Lego!) off the floor will also really help with the clutter as would under bed storage.

I cannot wait to get started.




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  1. johan
    September 26, 2014 / 9:39 am

    very nice carpet .

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