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Creating a Relaxing Garden Studio for Reading

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Creating a Relaxing Garden Studio for Reading


Creating a Relaxing Garden Studio for Reading

Sometimes you just need a place to get away, but who says that this place can be home. If you have unused backyard space, or if your yard is a place that you prefer to be, consider adding a garden studio to your home.

A garden studio is one of the best ways to go about creating a personal reading space. A reading space needs few things to exist. For a reading corner, you need bookshelves, books, light in order to properly read, and a relaxing space to sit.

So much about a reading space can be easily made your own. Consider some styles and designs for your own reading space.


Lighting in your garden studio

When you create your garden room, consider the lighting before anything else.

First, consider having clear doors. Clear doors or walls make it simple in order to allow sunlight to come through.

When it comes to lighting after dark, consider other lighting sources. If you wish to have your reading space look a little more whimsical and provide a good amount of light to read, get a small, long desk lamp. Pair the desk lamp with strings of lights throughout the garden space.

Install strings of lights around the entire room for a soft, lighting effect. Strings of lights are perfect for adult and kid reading rooms.


creating a relaxing garden studio for reading



Large bookshelves can overpower a small garden space, however, if you make sure that the bookshelves blend in with the wall, this will actually make the space look a little better. Get a few bookshelves that do not entirely cover any of the walls to allow for more free and open space.

If you have a small garden space that you would prefer to keep open for seating, consider some floating shelves. Prepare long, floating shelves in order to be able to store large books.

If you have a big number of books, you can install shelving on each of the four walls of the garden space and have the seating in the center of the room.

No matter how you prefer to have bookshelves, you should make sure that they are prominently featured in the space.


Reading Room Seating

The seating is where you want to express yourself. Since you may be sitting for long periods of time reading, comfortable seating is a necessity.

Egg chairs offer great design for those who prefer to lean back and get into a good book. Egg chairs can be small or large, but typically provide good back support for those who wish to recline and not have to worry about lumbar issues.

Large bean bags are the perfect way to offer a little fun decoration to a room. Purchase the largest bean bag sizes that will hold an entire person. This will allow you to be able to sink into the bag while reading. Bean bag chairs are also easily pliable, so if you plan to sit up next to the wall, you can move the bean bag easily.

Customize your seating for lying down as well. Create small sleeping bags with fabric and cushions. If you are the type of person who likes to read lying down, or if you plan to nap in your book garden room, create a sleeping bag for this space.

Make it your own

When you create your garden room, make sure that it serves as a beautiful space to relax. A garden room is one of the beautiful ways that you can add a proper reading space to the home. A good reading space will allow you to get into a book and transport yourself into a different space and time.

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