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Creative Ways To Use Grey Color In Your Kitchen

Let us take a look today at Creative Ways To Use Grey Color In Your Kitchen

Whether you’re going for a classic, striking chic or minimalistic look, grey also is never out of trend.

There are so many aesthetics in kitchen design that revolve around the color grey , that will make your kitchen stand out and look absolutely gorgeous. Just picking out a color is not alone, you must style your kitchen in a way that goes with the grey or it can look extremely dull and boring if not done right!


Creative Ways To Use Grey Color In Your Kitchen

So if you’re thinking of styling your grey kitchen to add more appeal to it, you can take inspiration from some of the renovation tips suggested by our experts:



Ways To Use Grey Color In Your Kitchen


1. Contrast With Darker Shades

If you have an airy kitchen setup and get plenty of natural light, you can use darker shades in your kitchen to contrast with the grey and make your color palette stand out! Some of the colors that look absolutely gorgeous with grey are:

  • Royal Blue
  • Charcoal
  • Dark Green
  • Orange Soda
  • Cherry Soda

You can add these colors to your kitchen through the cabinets, wall paint, accent walls, furniture etc. You can also work around pastel colors with a grey backdrop!


2. Add White Draperies Or Curtains

Grey color can get dull depending on the shade of grey you use. To cut through the thick texture of rey color, we suggest that you add soft white curtains on your kitchen’s windows. The most famous are these 15 types of draperies and curtains and you can pick the one which works best with the style of your kitchen. Just make sure that the style and color you pick goes well with the shade of grey you’ve chosen and delivers the feel you want in your kitchen.  


3. Add Wood Furnishings

Grey is a cool and clinical color, and adding some wood furnishing can create a really warm and comfortable aesthetic in your kitchen. It can work wonders if you can find the right tone of timber to go with the shade of your grey. You can use chunky oak worktops, or knotted floorboards or a deeper walnut tone with charcoal grey. Now is the right time to get your creative juices flowing! 



4. Pick Reflective Surfaces

If you have a small kitchen and want to avoid making it look dull and suffocable, you can incorporate grey in the color scheme along with reflective surfaces. It’ll make your kitchen look spacious and give it a more airy and bright feel. Small kitchens can get a little difficult to work in and having reflective surfaces will have an illusionary effect, making it look spacious and bright. Grey doesn’t always have to be gloomy! 


5. Indoor Plants

A burst of natural green shade blends perfectly well with neutral grey tones, and helps you purify the atmosphere of your kitchen. You add some open wooden shelves for your plants or keep them by a window. It will cancel the dullness of the grey and make the kitchen look more bright and refreshing to work in. Not only that, but it will also make your kitchen look beautiful with a natural effect!



6. Copper And Bronze Finishes

One of the most popular and chic grey kitchen designs involve mixing neutral and dark grey cabinets and drawers with some beautiful copper and bronze finishes. It includes using copper handles, copper and bronze cookware and vases, and beautiful copper pendant lights. Copper and grey together make a really modern and timeless blend of statement and luxury. Pair them with marble countertops and viola!



7. Layer The Grey 

Another very important thing to keep in mind is to layer the shades of grey throughout the kitchen. Using the same shade for everything will make the kitchen look boring and plain, which is exactly what we’re trying to avoid. This will help you make the features of your kitchen pop. A popular practice is to use darker greys for the islands and walls, while keeping the cabinets to a rather lighter shade of grey. It helps create a beautiful blend of shades and makes your kitchen stand out!


Choosing grey color to be the theme for your kitchen is a bold yet classic choice. Grey a versatile color. You can use it in its own color palette or pair it with darker and bolder colors, you will get a classic and chic look! 

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