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Curtains, Blinds Or Both? Weighing Up The Benefits Of Each Option

Curtains, blinds or both?

Curtains and blinds have long had their separate places in homes, with some homeowners opting to have both at the same time. Some might call the look old fashioned or outdated, or even slightly excessive, but the right combination works well if it works with the decor or if the homeowner just wants it there.

If you have always had curtains and thought about getting blinds instead, Reynolds Blinds would be a great place to start. Their showroom is fully equipped with all the options you would need as a beginner blind user, and even if you were not in the immediate market to change the drapes, a walk around their blinds might just change your mind.


Curtains, Blinds Or Both


The benefits of Curtains

Curtains have the benefit of making your home look warm and inviting, and it gives a sense of “family” to homes that have fully furnished rooms. It warms up the rooms in winter, and in summer, it can offer shade to rooms that receive too much light.

When you find the right set of curtains that matches most of the decor in your home, you are set for decor satisfaction. Curtains also have a way of making a room look “expensive”, so even if your furniture is low-cost, you can add in that extra upgrade with a good set of curtains.

Curtains can come at various costs and can be a money saver if you have smaller windows. If you prefer them over blinds, then you have the benefit of purchasing them at convenience stores at a fraction of the price of having blinds installed.



The downside of having curtains is that they are not easy to clean, and if you have high roofs and large windows, it can be even more complicated and more expensive. It would probably require the assistance of a dry cleaning service, and if you have an allergy problem, you might find the efforts annoying.


The benefits of Blinds

Blinds have always had a more modern look and also an industrial look. It gives any home a finished look, where it looks well put together and complete. Blinds also come in so many different types and in almost every colour.

The best part about blinds is that they are convenient and easy to clean, and interchangeable if you have smaller windows and low-cost blinds. They made for excellent sun blockers because they let all the light out no matter what colour you choose to have.




Unlike curtains that need to be thick and dark to keep the light out, blinds could do that because all the panels close tightly together.

There are blinds that you can install yourself because they are simple, hanging blinds. Then there are the ones that need to be fitted explicitly into each window of your choice, and a professional blinds company can only install them. In those cases, the window’s shape, length and widths will all need to be measured by a professional to ensure that the blinds don’t ruin and lose their body because they don’t fit.

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