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Cut the clutter with these space-saving home improvement tips

Cut the clutter

Cut the clutter


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Simple ways to cut the clutter

Do you long to know how to cut the clutter?

It’s never fun to return home from a hard day at work to find that your house is a mess. Whether you just don’t have time to clean, or are naturally a very messy person, you can save yourself the effort of dragging out the cleaning supplies by looking at these top tips for creating some space in your house.


space-saving home improvement tips



If you are the sort of person that has a lot of junk and clutter in your house, plastic containers and boxes are about to become your best friends. Plastic containers can come in all shapes and sizes and can be easily stored underneath your bed or wardrobe. What is even better is that you can also stack them up. Let’s say that you have a lot of shoes that you don’t want to wear again until next season, or books that you don’t want to throw away but have already read. Place them in your containers and stack them up against the wall. This will keep them out of the way and make your room look extremely tidy.


Digitize your DVDS and CDS

Are there too many CDs and DVDS lying around your house without a place to be put away? Well, instead of just leaving them on the floor or on your desk, why not upload them to your computer or laptop! That way you can always have your music with you, and can even download it on your phone or MP3, and then give the CD away to a charity that needs it. Charities, like the British Heart Foundation, are always looking for bags of CDs, clothes, books and other household goods that they can sell to raise money for their cause. Not only will you be cleaning up your house, but you will be doing a good deed alongside it.


Add a storage space to your house to cut the clutter

Whilst this may sound a bit like a cheat, if you feel like you can spend a little extra money on adding an extension to your house, in the form of a loft, a garage or storage room, you may find that you can look at your belongings and know what you would like to keep out and what you would like to pack away. Adding a loft to your home can add an additional room that is kept out of the eye of any of your guests. Just make sure that you use the award winning loft boarding service from Instaloft to ensure your new space is safe as well as accessible.

Take one room at a time

One of the main reasons why your house might look cluttered in the first place is due to how big your home actually is. Cleaning up so many rooms can appear a little daunting, after all you are a busy person and are tired when you return home. But de-cluttering your house does not need to bedone like a grand sprint. Instead, clean your rooms in 15-30-minute bursts. That way you can focus on one room at a time and get it looking great before moving onto your next task. This will help you keep calm as you tidy up.


I hope these tips on how to cut the clutter have helped you – you might also like my post on large scale home improvements


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