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The Cutest Stationery Ever for National Stationery Week

Oh I just have to show you the range of beautiful products I was sent to review to celebrate National Stationery Week  – the Cutest Stationery Ever

I am such a HUGE stationery fan this is such a treat for me.

Have you heard of National Stationery Week? If not pop over to nationalstationeryweek.com and have a look at what it’s all about.  Much as I do love blogging (and I do really love blogging) I love writing more. Writing letters , cards, to do lists, using beautiful pens, receiving mail ah, it makes me so happy. The good old art of  writing this is what National Stationery week celebrates.

Would you like to see some luscious stationery?

Pastel highlighters from Stabilo. How blooming lovely! £5.27 a set – what a treat!



Cutest Stationery


And what about these cute doggy page markers – Cutest Stationery Ever


and also from Mustard these lovely rainbow sticky notes (just £4!)

Oh my I am in stationery heaven.

From Sheaffer the most beautiful ball point pen and sophisticated little pocket book. My OH snaffled these before I got a look in but I can tell you the pen writes like a dream.

Such classy products!

These gorgeous fruit scented pencils from Mustard are a reminder of my school days. How I love scented pencils and aren’t they in the prettiest packaging!


And how about these Write Size pencils that are made to scale for children’s hands.What a top idea!

Apparently they achieve better control and achieve better results – makes sense to me.

So what do you think of my stationery haul? It’s pretty fabulous isn’t it?

I think it should be National Stationery Week every week!

Do you think this is the Cutest Stationery Ever?



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