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A holiday cycling guide to the Algarve


holiday cycling guide to the Algarve

A holiday cycling guide to the Algarve


Holiday cycling guide to the Algarve

Are you looking for a cycling guide to the Algarve?

As I’m sure you know we have recently returned from our holiday in the Algarve where we fell in love with the beautiful coastline, it’s rugged rocks and dolphin filled seas, it’s beautiful unspoilt beaches and coves and caves.

What a magical place.

I know we will go back one day.

My children are keen cyclists and cycling round the Algarve would be such a treat. James Villas have recently created a holiday cycling guide across their blog and their first guide was to cycling in the Algarve.

They say

Cycling in the Algarve is great for beginner riders as well as those more advanced, as most of the roads are smooth tarmac, and you can avoid cars by staying inland

Sounds good to me and apparently there are villages and medieval ruins to explore too. I love that they give different lengths of routes to suit different levels of cycling ambition!


We just need to get back out there now! Portugal is just such a beautiful place. I would highly recommend it for a holiday .

You can see the full ‘Cycling in the Algarve’ post over on the James Villas blog. Do let me know if you have been and what you think and I do hope this post on a cycling guide to the Algarve has been useful. You might also like to have a look at our post on things to do in Gale

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