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Date Ideas for Gamers

Date ideas for gamers require out of the box thinking.

It is a lovely thing to have a common hobby with the person you are dating and dating a gamer makes haring your own gaming hobby a plus rather than a minus. And of course dating between gamers has been very useful during times of lockdown and isolation. It is so easy to hop online and enjoy some together time building battling or  whatever online gaming you enjoy sharing. But being online is no substitute for real life meeting up and you c absolutely cannot get a cuddle form a console. This is why  ideas for gamers dates are required that are more than just meeting online.


Date Ideas for Gamers


Where to meet other gamers 

People who aren’t gamers themselves do not tend to ‘get’ gamers and their absolute passion for playing. If you are a gamer looking to meet another gamer (someone who DOES understand and appreciate your interests) you might want to take a look at gamer dates – a great place to hook up with like minded singles. 


Date Ideas for Gamers


You could invite your gaming date to game with you in person rather than online. This would enable you to indulge  your shared interest but side by side sharing snacks and smiles and smooches. You could maybe introduce them to some new games and perhaps they could introduce you to some new games too. How lovely when someone enjoys rather than gets irritated by the things that make you happy 


A walk in the country

Gaming is very much an indoor and sedentary hobby and we all need a bit of fresh air and exercise. You need to gat your gaming date up and moving so how about a walk in the country and picnic somewhere lovely. Sure the conversation might move on to gaming but at least you will be out and about being healthy in the process1 


Escape Rooms 

Gamers obviously like to play games and solve puzzles so heading to an escape room as a way to bring their love for a challenge into a more real life action adventure. They will love it.


Virtual reality gaming

Virtual reality gaming is done in all types of venues from shopping malls to arenas and can be tons of fun to share with a friend or date who loves to game too.


Drone flying

Every geek gamer will get excited by drone races and drone flying a so why not find somewhere near you to give this a go – date ideas for gamers have never been more available.



Getting off the screens but still playing a game side by side, face to face over  board is a lovely thing to do with your game loving date. Chess is a wonderful game full of intrigue and passion – let’s hope that is just how your date is too!


Date Ideas for Gamers


I do hope you have found my date ideas for gamers useful – do you have any to add?



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