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Great Dating Ideas in San Diego

If you are looking for dating ideas in San Diego I have some lovely ones here for you. I wonder which you will try first?

San Diego is a an amazing place and absolutely perfect for great dates.  Situated on the Pacific coast of California known for its beaches, sunshine and absolutely glorious parks. It truly is a dating paradise. 


Dating Ideas in San Diego

Dating Ideas in San Diego


Where to go on your San Diego date?

If you know the city well I am sure you have a ton of ideas already where to go dating in San Diego


Dating Ideas in San Diego

What would be your first choice?


San Diego Zoo

 The ever popular San Diego zoo is a great place to go on a date, there is something to entertain you at every turn and that can really take the pressure off on a first date. Plus animals can be such a good giggle and that will be an awesome way to break the ice.


Dating Ideas in San Diego

Dating Ideas in San Diego


San Diego Harbour Cruise

Ah boats always bring out romance don’t they? And a harbour cruise would be gentle and romantic and a lovely chance for you to bond whilst sipping champagne and seeing the sites. A picture perfect date.


Whale Spotting

For a sea trip that is a bit more exciting how about taking your date whale watching? The speedy boar trip, the excitement at seeing a whale well it will have you all bouncy and enthusiastic. brilliant fun first date.


Where to find a date in San Diego 

A great place to find a date in San Diego is via the San Diego Personals  Worried this is keeping it too local – well you really don’t have to be. It is the second largest city in CA and has over 1 million people living there…wow! And how fab you won’t have to drive or hike miles to meet your date but they will be close at hand to enjoy magic dates with you. 



La Jolla Cove

A trip to La Jolla Cove is a lovely idea for a date. It is San Diego’s most famous swimming and snorkeling spot – the waters are warm and totally calm and it is perfect for diving too. This would be a romantic and fun date spot  with plenty to do in case of any awkward silences. 




So there you go 5 lovely dating in San Diego ideas. 


Be brave & get yourself out on the dating scene 

Love is the key to life and that’s true whether it is love between friends or family or romantic partners. Don’t sit around sad because you don’t have someone to romance you, take your courage in your hands and get yourself out on the dating scene. It could literally change your life. And if it doesn’t wilt have a lot of fun and make some fun memories in the process.

Happy dating! 



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