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Declutter Before and After – Your Problems Easily Solved

Declutter Before and After – your problems solved


Declutter Before and After

Declutter Before and After

#Declutter before and after – the benefits

Decluttering always seems like such a wonderful idea doesn’t it. Who doesn’t want to create more space in their home?

Decluttering makes us feel more organised and on top of things and back in control. Extra space helps us feel clearer too and is prove to make us feel less stressed. Clearing the clutter helps our homes look cleaner, fresher and more spacious. The benefits of decluttering are many. The end results are like a fresh new start.

If it is so therapeutic and so beneficial to our homes why don’t we all declutter all the time?

Whilst decluttering always seems a good idea there are several issues associated with it they can stop you before you even start.


Problems with a declutter before and after

Problems around decluttering seem to include getting started and finishing.


declutter before and after

Declutter Before and After


The problem with starting

Getting geared up to do hard work is never easy especially if you are a busy person and who wants to spend their work holiday or weekends getting rid of stuff. Boring! 

You also might be really attached to your possessions and find security in them and the thought of sorting them out may be upsetting. it may also be overwhelming.

Getting started requires a plan, motivation, energy and a can-do attitude. It also probably requires some time clearing in your calendar. Those things take commitment and determination. You have to really want a decluttered home.


Help is at hand for your declutter before and after

LoveJunk works a bit like eBay but for man & van junk removal, matching you to your nearest & cheapest licensed waste carrier.  By reducing miles travelled and helping waste businesses use up spare capacity, they are on a mission to cut prices and carbon emissions.  You can read more at lovejunk.com This could be the best solution to what to do with your waste after a good declutter.


Declutter Before and After


Problems with decluttering at the end

Finishing decluttering is such a massive relief but often ends up leaving you with the biggest of headaches.

You might have bags ready for the charity shop that you need to drop off. You might have things you put to one side ready to gift on to friends or family.

You probably also have some bulky items that need removing.  These are probably the most problematic. You might have decided to ditch your old sofa,  you want to get rid of an old fridge freezer some broken garden chairs and you really cannot fit them into your car to take to the skip and you really do not want them catching up your spare room or shipped out into your backyard so what do you do about this.

And more importantly, how do you get rid of bulky items responsibly.

Declutter Before and After


Any Junk responsibly dispose of bulky waste items

Any Junk will get rid of your decluttered bulky items responsibly without you having to worry about creating a negative impact on the environment  Any Junk are nationwide and can help you with any amount and all sorts of bulky items and they divert 96% of waste collected from landfill.  Have a look at the collection services they offer to totally take the headache out of your decluttering

Have a look at their handy householders guide to bulky waste disposal


We have lived with a broken-down shed that we just have not known how to get rid of since we decluttered it and this would be a perfect solution for us. Some things you just cannot and do not want in your car do you!


declutter before and after

Declutter Before and After


Declutter before and after – in conclusion

So motivation and a plan and a mover and a van.  Problems with a declutter before and after can be easily solved. Clutter begone and hello beautiful home.

Declutter before and after is a collaborative post. You might also like my post on minimalism for beginners

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