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Decluttering for a Spring Clean

Decluttering for a Spring Clean

Decluttering for a Spring Clean

Decluttering for a Spring Clean

Decluttering for a Spring Clean – simple steps

Are you ready to start decluttering?

There is just no getting away from it, Christmas has left my home (like my tummy) just TOO full. Despite taking down the decorations and trying to find a home for everything there is still little piles of books and craft stuff, toiletries and homeless objects here there and everywhere.

Are you the same?

decluttering for a spring clean


Decluttering for a Spring Clean – where to start

I have overflowing clothes cupboards and the cupboard under the sink is enough to make me cry. There is no chance I can spring clean around all this. And spring is on the horizon. It really won’t be long and then rather than a cosy comfy home I will want  mine to be all fresh and clear to suit the season.

There is a big old declutter to be done first.

Many items can be thrown in bin liners and carted off to our recycling centre or charity shop. Some items will go to friends and only where there is no other option will items go in the bin. But what about the stuff we ant to keep but not have in display?

Well we do have the loft, but it is in rather a state.

Davpack the cardboard box brand sent me a handy pile of flatpack cardboard boxes over to review. Just so handy! at the moment out stuff that is stored is in mish mash of bin liners and suitcases and bags. These boxes are stackable and uniform and easy to label. Very handy indeed!


Decluttering for a Spring Clean


They have over 1000 sizes and styles so absolutely something for everyone. Their boxes were also super easy to assemble with my 9 year old putting ours together. They are such a  help.


Decluttering for a Spring Clean – get the kids involved!


All that Lego building has definitely paid off!

So now we have great packing materials,  slowly we are getting organised. I have begun with the clothes and I have promised myself come early spring my home will be tidy enough to have a really good Spring Clean.

Watch this space – it will be beautiful!


Over to you and your decluttering for a Spring Clean tips

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