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Decor for Bedrooms – Ideas for a Luxe Bedroom

Decor for Bedrooms Ideas for a Luxe Bedroom – let’s take a look.

I have always believed a bedroom should be given special care and attention when it comes to design and decor. We spend almost 1/3 of out life in bedrooms and it need to be a place that makes us feel calm and relaxed, well and happy. It is so important.

 I like a bedroom to look comfortable but also luxe. I want to feel it envelop me like  a soft warm hug as I sleep and prior to sleeping I want to be in a gorgeous relaxing environment. 

Yes I want it to look good too. Luxe is defined as elegant, luxurious and sumptuous – all the things I would want in a bedroom.


Where to shop for decor for ideas for a luxe bedroom

I have been looking over at home store  Guineys at some of their ideas for bedroom decor and I have been inspired.

Guineys is a great store, it has twelve different stores across Ireland in Leinster, Munster, Connacht & Ulster. You can also shop online and really they have everything you might need for a home.

Let me show you what I  found at their store that would work plus some other ideas that I think would be excellent decor for bedroom ideas when you are looking for luxe.

Winged beds are hot this year so do take a peek at them too when you are looking at creating a luxe bedroom.


Colour in a LUXE bedroom

A dark colour can make a bedroom feel cocooning and contrasted with stark white bedding it can look amazing. On the other hand white paintwork can help a bedroom look serene and fresh. I would opt for one extreme or the other when it comes to colour. 



 I love quality curtains that keep in the warmth and keep out the lights whilst also looking stylish. This pair of curtains from Guineys do have a rather elegant look too.



A luxe bedroom is all about the bedding. Luxury bed linen not only looks fantastic but it absolutely a wonder for giving you a great nights sleep – which is of course something we all crave. It’s hotel standard all the way when you are looking to sleep well.

 Guineys sell a  range of luxury & hotel bedding in fitted & flat options as well as matching pillowcases. This exactly what I would be wanting to put in a luxe bedroom. 



This 250 thread count satin stripe flat sheet. is just perfect and made from the highest quality 100% cotton fabric, makes you want to dive right in doesn’t it?



A sumptuous throw is a wonderful way to add a touch of luxury to a room and it can feel and look so extravagant if you get the materials right. I love the look of this silver crushed velvet throw from Guineys.  It has all the right ingredients the colour, the soft deep material,  the touch and feel of it, everything screams expensive, snuggly and beautiful.



I would pair it with the crisp white bedding shown previously.


Pillows & Duvets in a luxe bedroom

And of course, I would have to pick up a couple of the hotel quality pillows they sell too because you need to rest your head somewhere that feels like a dream. When it comes to duvets I change mine seasonally so that they  are not too heavy and I go for microfibre as goose feather makes me sneeze – but you may consider it if you are after the ultimate in comfort. 



Ah, now a luxe bedroom does not have hair bobbles and discarded clothes lying around. You will want to keep your clutter to a minimum – so my advice would be to have a big sort out then find a storage space for all that is left. Keep it clear and serene. Take alook at my post on how to got to sleep  if you need more tips



Furniture in a luxe bedroom

I personally favour a selection of dark oak furniture in my bedroom but  sleek white MDF can work well too. Just keep it co-ordinated for a seamless look.  Do, if you possibly can, invest in an armchair too as part of your bedroom set.  It is great to sit and read in or for pulling on your boots.  Under bed concealed storage can be a great option too. You want to keep your surfaces as  clear and clean as possible.


So there you go, a little foray through my ideas for a luxe bedroom decor.

What would you add? Drop me a comment below you know I love to hear form you. 



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