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Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap

Today – Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap


Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap


Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap

As times and tastes change with regards to design, the need to redecorate one’s bedroom becomes a rather pressing issue. Although our boudoirs act as a canvas upon which we express our own loves, styles and tastes, as beautiful new styles come to the fore we all often feel the need deep within us to cast off the shackles of the old and to let in the new.

Upgrading one’s bedroom isn’t all that easy however, and if you lack funds to get the objects you want most, redecorating can be very difficult. To help, we thought we’d compile some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your funds.


Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap


Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap using Discounted Retailers

The most obvious thing to do when you want to get cheap furnishings is to go to discounted retailers. You know what we’re thinking; IKEA is the place to be! With so many neutral furnishings, wallpapers and accessories, you’ll be able to find surprisingly cheap items that’ll fit with any of your existing furnishings. It’s best to travel to the store midweek- weekends are heaving and as such the whole process can become incredibly stressful!


For a new bed, popping online is by far the best choice in order to save those pennies. There are bargains to be had on sites such as Bedstar, and even with the January sales looming there are hundreds of designs and items available for surprisingly small rates! As always, shop around to find the best deals; even among bargain sites there can be a surprising difference in price!


For paint and wallpaper, you don’t need to go to an upmarket or high street store to get the freshest designs; once again, the internet comes to the rescue! The website discountinteriors offers a huge variety of different wallpapers at incredibly cheap prices without sacrificing their range of modern designs.

If you prefer paint to paper, eBay has a surprisingly diverse range of paints being offered by sellers, proving the site isn’t just good for clothes and antiques.


Second hand?

eBay should be your first port of call however, if you’re after furniture such as chests of drawers, bedside cabinets or wardrobes. As one might expect, there’s a massive variety of styles and items available, though if you want to really save those pennies, sites such as Gumtree, CraigsList and Freecycle all have thousands of pieces of furniture available and shockingly low prices, great for if you’ve got a big signature purchase planned that would otherwise drain your funds entirely!


Decorate Your Bedrooms on the Cheap is a collaborative post – you might also like my post on a perfect bedroom on a budget


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