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Decorate Your Home Office to Positively Impact Mood & Performance

Lets take a look at how to Decorate Your Home Office to Positively Impact Mood and Performance


Decorate Your Home Office to Positively Impact Mood and Performance


Since the start of the pandemic working from home has been utilised by many companies to ensure they can continue to operate efficiently. In the event working from home in many cases has proved so successful that it is likely to become a normal way of life for many employees.

This has a number of obvious benefits such as, eliminating travel time, reducing costs, comfortable working environment and an improved work life balance. However, there are some negatives the main one being the lack of social interaction which is especially true for people who live alone. So, what sort of things can we do to help ensure that our mood remains positive and productivity high?


Decorate Your Home Office to Positively Impact Mood and Performance

One of the most obvious solutions is to ensure your home working space balances both comfort and productivity. This will allow you to work effectively and efficiently while enjoying some of the benefits of your home environment. So, when looking to redecorate your home office what are the sort of things you should focus on?


Take Advantage of Natural Light

Working from home provides employees with the opportunity to make their home office a unique workspace. A dark gloomy office can have a negative impact on your mood which in turn can affect your output. A lighter space promotes a feeling of energy and makes your home office a place you enjoy working in.

If your access to natural light is limited you may be able to hang pictures to create the illusion of a window. This can help make your workspace feel like a larger, more usable area. Another option if natural light is limited is the use of lamps to provide mood lighting that can help promote that feel good factor.



Making the right colour Choice

It is impossible to underestimate the impact that choice of colour has on your workspace. For example, shades of blue and green are thought to be good for concentration and relaxation whereas reds and yellows work well if you want a dynamic environment.

However, the main advantage of working at home is that you are able to choose a colour scheme in line with your personal preferences. By decorating your office space in colours, you like you can make your home office an area you enjoy spending time in.

You can also further improve the feel of your home office by choosing furniture and accessories such as rugs that compliment your colour scheme. It goes without saying that if you enjoy spending time in a space your mood will remain upbeat which in turn can only have a positive effect on productivity.

Here at Paintmaster UK we have access to a comprehensive range of colours available that will enable you to create the vibe you are looking for to make your home office a happy and productive place.


Pick Stylish Storage Solutions

While large filing cabinets tend to be an essential part of a normal office space they don’t naturally lend themselves well to a smaller home office environment. Storage options now come in all variety of materials, colours and styles. By getting creative with storage, you can ensure your office is clutter free and organised while remaining an attractive and welcoming workspace.

Decorate Your Home Office to Positively Impact Mood and Performance

Personalise Your Workspace.

As well as paying attention to colour and light you should ensure your office decor reflects your personality.

The addition of pictures and plants can further enhance the look and mood of any working environment. It has been proved that the addition of natural plants to a workspace can help clean the air and boost mood and productivity, while also relieving stress. All in all, the personalisation of your workspace is an ideal way to help you remain focused and positive throughout the working day.

There is no doubt that your working environment can affect your mood. By taking care when redecorating your home office, you can ensure it helps you relax, makes you feel cheerful and has a positive impact on performance and productivity.


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