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Decorative home ideas for the festive season inspired by nature

Oh I just adore the festive season. It really a heartwarming and wonderful time of year. It’s the perfect time to decorate your home in a joyous, welcoming style to match the festivities.

Decorative home ideas for the festive season inspired by nature

If you are till looking for inspiration to decorate your home this Christmas gardening store Dobies advises that you look towards nature for inspiration:

For the windows…seed head garlands

Your home will look like a winter wonderland for anyone who is walking past if you decorate the windows with a delicate garland of single seed heads.

There’s plenty of choices available when it comes to this decoration, from poppies to skeleton leaves and silvered Jerusalem sage. Whichever you select, string them along a window and the light from outside with throw magnificent shadows throughout the room.

For the dining room…a tabletop display filled with natural items

If you’re going to be cooking Christmas dinner for family and friends this year, your dining room table is going to be filled with plates and dishes packed with delicious food.

However, be sure to make space for an eye-catching tabletop display in the form of a home-made vessel. Simply fill this with pine cones, dried orange slices, licen and sprays of scarlet berries and pop it in the centre of the table.

For the bathroom…aromatic sprigs

As the weather outside will likely be chilly throughout the festive season, there’s no better feeling than relaxing in a nice warm bath once you arrive home.

Make your bathroom even more inviting by arranging sprigs of aromatic leaves and herbs onto a deep fluted dish — sage, thyme, bay and rosemary will all work great. Then, place a church candle in the centre to create a scented display that will have your room smelling wonderful.

For the front door…a wreath with a difference

Nothing says you’re ready for Christmas quite like a wreath hung over the front door. However, many can look far too ordinary if they are simply a ring of green leaves and twigs.

Spruce yours up by attaching cones, cinnamon sticks, various berries and box sprigs evenly around the wreath. For the perfect finishing touch, give the entire decoration a quick spray with some fake snow.


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