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DeLonghi, Bosch, or Siemens bean to cup coffee machine – which is for whom?

Bean to cup coffee machines can be helpful for your own home or for the office, or even for use in a commercial setting. Bean to cup machines are ideal for those who want barista-style coffee without having to learn how to make drinks manually. You simply add the beans, milk, and water, and let the machine do the job for you.

DeLonghi, Bosch, or Siemens bean to cup coffee machine - which is for whom?


There are so many benefits to bean to cup coffee machines. They tend to include grinders so that you can freshly grind the coffee before consuming it. Always having access to the freshest coffee means the best taste and a beautiful aroma to fill your home or workspace.

The interface of these machines also tends to be really simple and easy. Some bean to cup machines simply allow you to touch a picture of the drink you want and let the machine go to work.

Some of the areas that could have been improved historically have been turned into strengths of these coffee machines. For instance, cleaning. If you are looking to clean a bean to cup coffee machine, many have automated systems that run hot water through the coffee machine to give a deeper clean or descale automatically.


Looking to Save Money? DeLonghi is an Option

A bean to cup machine doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Fortunately, many DeLonghi models are affordable as the brand has led the way with models including the ECAM 22.110.SB.


You can use this to make simple short or long coffee such as espresso, but you can also make barista-style drinks using pre-ground coffee. You will need a separate grinder or to use pre-ground coffee for some of the DeLonghi models, but this small compromise is worth it for a lot of people looking for affordable systems.

You can also use the steam nozzle to allow you to foam and froth coffee for latte and cappuccino. It’s easy to dip the nozzle in a milk container and choose your ideal steam function.

Like many top bean to cup coffee machines, this also has a rinsing program and an automatic descaling program so keeping your coffee maker clean is easier than ever.

This is just one of the DeLonghi options that is available at a modest price. If you want a bean to cup machine under £500, these are a great option.


Simple Interface? Siemens Make Life Easy

The Siemens “TE657319RW” is an example of one of the easiest bean to cup coffee machines to use. Even if you have this in a public space like a waiting room, it takes a few seconds to work out exactly what is required to make the coffee drink you want. This means you can open it up for public use. It’s also great for those who aren’t too tech-savvy, as you can just touch the icon for the drink you want and it will do the job for you! You can make espresso, black coffee, americano, coffee pot, cortado, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato, espresso macchiato and latte.

If you are using the system in a workplace or in your home, there are four different options to save your own unique and individual settings, so you have a recipe stored for your favourite coffee drink.

The automatic milk system rinses the whole system after a drink has been made. Cleaning is relatively easy.

Many of the Siemens models have this simple text screen, and it is easy to operate any of their bean to cup models.


Integrated Systems? Siemens or Bosch Might Be Your Answer

Both Siemens and Bosch offer cleverly integrated systems that can be fitted flush to your worktops and cupboards. The Bosch “CTL636ES6” is one of the examples of the products that can be ideal for an integrated system. It’s more expensive than many bean to cup machines, but it does a superb job of making over 17 different types of drinks. On top of that, it has a self-cleaning milk system, so you don’t have to do loads of maintenance to make sure your machine is safe and clean, ready for every use.


There is also an automatic system for descaling, cleaning and rinsing the mechanism, so your coffee machine is cleaned, with you having to do very little in the process.

The Siemens “CT836LEB6” is a very similar model, which integrates easily in a kitchen or office. It’s easy to use and has a really quiet grinder for fresh coffee that doesn’t sound like an earthquake has hit.



It can be hard to know exactly which machine to go for when you’re in the market for a coffee machine. More and more companies are making excellent bean to cup coffee machines, which is a good thing! It gives you a lot of choice, but it also means you have to ensure you get the ideal option for your own unique needs. Choosing between Bosch, DeLonghi and Siemens can be a difficult process unless you know what you are looking for.

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