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Design and Decoration Ideas for Baby Rooms

Decorating a baby’s room can be one of the most fun and exciting processes. You can choose any colour palette, theme, and accessories you want, and you can decorate the room however you please; you have complete artistic license. 

However, if you aren’t sure where to start or are looking for some inspiration, here are the best ways to use The Memo cot sheets, your favourite colours, and some incredible furniture.


Greens are a brilliant gender-neutral colour choice that not only adds brightness to a room but is also very calming. A white or cream room with one wall painted a shade of green creates a statement piece that the rest of the room can be designed around. 

If one wall is too much, green accents such as curtains, blankets, or a carpet, can have the same effect and add a pop of colour to a simple room. 

Decoration Ideas for Baby Rooms

Neutral Colour Palette

If you are against bright colours in the room, a neutral palette is for you. Whites, creams and greys add a cooling effect to a room and are great if you live in a warm climate. Neutral colours are also calming and are shown to relax the brain more than shades of red, for instance. 

As mentioned above, if you still want a pop of colour, opt for greens, blues, or something a bit different like silvers and golds. 


Black Feature Pieces

A colour that is hardly used in baby rooms but is becoming more popular is black. While you shouldn’t paint the whole room black, having black feature pieces such as a black cot, table, or chair is a unique addition. 

Black also has a similar function to white, as it can come paired with almost any other colour and still work. 



Indoor plants are underutilised in baby rooms, and it is hard to see why. While you should keep them out of arms reach, hanging plants, giant ferns, and lilies are perfect for bringing the outside inside. 

A Pothos or a Japanese Peace Lily is also excellent for rooms as they are some of the best plants for producing oxygen and cleaning the air around them. 


Starry Night

While Space is a theme we have seen many times before, a dialled-back version like a starry night is underrated. Painting the ceiling shades of black and purple and adding stars and the milky way is a unique feature you don’t see often. 

As a plus, you can paint stars and add glow-in-the-dark ones to complete the piece. 

Decoration Ideas for Baby Rooms

Art Wall

A wall section dedicated to art can add a touch of flair to a room that can also be changed and adapted. As your child grows up and begins to create their own art, you already have a “gallery” of sorts to hang their pieces. 



If you are feeling a bit experimental and want to try something different, going the bold route may be for you. A bright, patterned wallpaper, a mixture of colours, and multiple textures are all on the menu and can be mixed and matched as you see fit. 

While you will need to hold back a bit as there should still be a sense of a theme, have fun trying different styles and seeing which one you prefer. 



Another colour that is often overlooked in a baby room is orange. It is gender-neutral, you can use as much or as little as you want, and it can add a hit of brightness to a room, something that is ideal if you live in a country that doesn’t have the best weather. 



On the other end of the spectrum, you can go the ultra-simple route. This is a great option for a smaller room as you can avoid a cluttered feel, but it is also ideal for decorating a baby’s room on a smaller budget. 


Decorating Tips

While we have discussed some theme and decoration ideas, here are four great decorating tips that every expectant parent should know. 


Ikea Storage

You are going to need a lot of storage in your little one’s room, and there is no better place to shop for storage than Ikea. They have dozens of storage options available, all designed to work and stack together. 

You can also pick up several cheap boxes, drawer units or tubs and paint them yourself to fit the room. 



While you can use wallpaper in any size room, it is particularly helpful in smaller rooms. If you just want to decorate one or two walls, it is far more cost-effective and a much better time-saver to use wallpaper instead of paint. 

You can also purchase removable wallpaper, allowing you to change the theme and feel of the room in a few hours. 


Versatile Furniture

Finally, if you are going to buy furniture for the room, ensure that it is versatile. Considering furniture can get expensive, you don’t want to purchase any that can only be used in the baby’s room. Purchase chairs, tables, whatever it may be that will fit in different rooms and work with the rest of the house. 


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