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How to design a cosy living room

Today we are going to look at how to design a cosy living room.

It is definitely colder in the evenings now and there is a decided nip in the air.  Autumn is here and winter will be winding in soon. It is time to hunker down and get cosy.

Whether you are after a complete revamp of your living room to a comfy snuggle winter space or whether you just want to add a few pieces to change the mood, I have some ideas for you.


How to design a cosy living room

Layering and textures

Textures really cosy up a living room so I would think about adding knitted cushions and throws, maybe a faux fur rug? These layers reflect how we change our winter wardrobe and there is no reason not to do the same to a room and make it look warmer through textured layering. Knits and faux fur just make you feel warm and cuddly and they give off the same aura to a room.

Winter just asks for comfort in terms of textures; somewhere to snuggle up, read, rest and relax.

This gorgeous Ashridge sofa is a mixture of velvet and silk. So comfortable and so stylish.



Pools of light

The darker evenings don’t call for harsh lighting but instead soft pools of light from multiple sources. The addition of lamps and candles to a lounge really add to the Hygge atmosphere.

Warm colours

Warmer colours lend  a warmer air to the room and their are many ways you can incorporate these. It may be through accessories such as cushions or throws or flowers or it may be you are looking to buy  new sofas.  Denim drift is the new Dulux colour of the year and greens abound. Whatever the colour trends though choose a colour that appeals to you  you can always adorn it with warmer colours.

I do like a neutral palette and love grey sofas and creams. If the textures are right these colours can be warm. I love the versatility of Grey sofas as they can so can so easily accessorised for Spring or Autumn.

The featured grey sofa is from Fishpools


Do you have plans to cosy up your lounge for the colder months?


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  1. October 11, 2016 / 4:31 pm

    I love the way how you choose furniture to prepare for the winter. In my opinion, the color of Ashridge sofa look old and dirty and the grey sofa is gorgeous. I love the cushions, they look so cute. Also I wonder are you using wool cover for the white one? Btw, thanks for reminding me that winter is coming, time to cozy up the house!


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