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Designer clothes from OD’s for Autumn

 Today – Designer clothes from OD’s for Autumn

Time to start thinking about Autumn fashion. Woohoo! I love a change of season and a chance to add to my wardrobe. I never go crazy shopping but just a few new items to herald in the new season always makes me happy.

So where do I go to look?

I just absolutely adore  OD’s Designer Clothing

At the moment it is the Chlobo bracelets that are really floating my boat, they are just gorgeous. I would love a whole stack of them but I think it is just going to have to be one at a time. Don’t they just look gorgeous!


OD's for Autumn


My favourite has to be the elephant one – beyond cute.

And oh the designer outfits at OD make me just drool. Wouldn’t this classic Ted Baker dress just be perfect for Autumn? You could wear it with bare legs if still cool or tights and ankle boots if there was a chill in the air?



It is just so very pretty! Absolutely Ted Baker don’ t you think?

Oh, and how wonderful is this Poncho – wouldn’t it just be lovely for slipping on in Autumn and keeping cosy.   Such a versatile piece of clothing.


The Junior Clothing by OD’s is also really fabulous and browsing there for my kids is so very tempting. Here are a few of my favourite pieces. They have so many it is really hard to pick just one or two to show you!

I just adore this Stone island jacket – it looks so cosy and would be perfect for my son for school! Waterproof too and it really would go with everything wouldn’t it …smart and casual.

For my daughter, I really like these Moschino leggings, she would wear them for EVERYTHING, sport, chilling, out with her friends – everything. They would definitely a great deal of wear! I’d rather like a pair for myself actually!

Come on Autumn- we are ready!


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