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Designing the perfect open plan kitchen

Perfect open plan kitchen dreams ….

Whether you’re extending your house, knocking down a partition wall or simply opening your kitchen up to additional purposes, there are some really interesting tips that will ensure your kitchen looks and feels amazing. Open plan décor has become really popular and really helps you to open up your home and create a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere. It can be difficult to work out exactly how to make the open plan style work, but with these useful design tips, you can’t go wrong!


Designing the Perfect Open Plan Kitchen

Designing the perfect open plan kitchen


Designing the perfect open plan kitchen

Start with a Layout

The layout is one of the most important design elements to consider with open plan living, especially when you’re when it’s the kitchen. You want to ensure your kitchen units are placed around the outskirts of the room, to keep plenty of open space in the centre. By creating a layout like this, you’ll find that the room will be really well balanced out, yet still be very practical and easy to use. You can then focus on which additional features you’re going to include in the layout, such as an island and a dining space. Try to work with the floor space you have available to ensure that the space you have is utilised properly and you still have plenty of room to move around freely.


Slight Separation Space

Whilst you want your kitchen area to be open and welcoming, you also want to ensure that there is a slight divide between the cooking and prepping area, to the dining and socialising space. Throughout the day you may want your kitchen to be open and bright, whereas when it comes to a relaxing evening meal, you may want to focus mainly on the dining space and have the kitchen area slightly faded into the background. You can create a slight separation in a few different ways, from providing different lighting tones for certain areas, adding different colours to form separate zones and even by investing in furniture that enables you to slightly block off an area without creating a solid divide.


The Perfect OPEN PLAN Kitchen

Designing your open plan living space can seem challenging, especially when you are deciding on the colour schemes, styles and features you want to include. Start with the main focus within your open plan space, which would be the kitchen itself. By investing in the perfect kitchen for you and your home, you will then notice that the rest of the décor starts to fall into place. You can start to focus on your colour scheme once you’ve decided on the colour of your kitchen cabinets, just like you can begin to select certain décor features to match the detailing of your worktops. This is one of the great parts to designing your own kitchen, as you can really make the space personal and tailored to your style.


Balance the Lighting in the perfect open plan kitchen

It’s really simple to create the right tone throughout an open plan room, especially when you know the exact atmosphere you want to achieve. For many, the kitchen area needs to be bright and fresh, providing you with an ideal prepping space and emphasising the clean feel. You then find that with dining or social spaces, you quite often want there to be a softer, more relaxing feel to create that welcoming, laid back atmosphere. These two-different atmosphere’s may seem difficult to achieve in one room; however, lighting is really useful for helping you to do so. Balance out your lighting by installing some bright white lights for the main feature fixtures, with some softer toned lighting positioned throughout the room to create a gentle ambiance.


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