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Different Jobs You Can Do with Different Ladders

Are you thinking about investing in a ladder so you can get some jobs done around the house? It’s not often you buy a ladder, and knowing which ladders can be used for which jobs isn’t always obvious.

Don’t worry, this guide looks at the most common types of ladders and explains the different kinds of jobs you can do with them. Hopefully, this will help you buy the right ladder so you can get tow work on those jobs around your home.


Jobs You Can Do with Different Ladders

Extension Ladders

Some of the most versatile ladders for use around the outside your home are extension ladders. They’re great because they come in such a huge range of different lengths which means you can access hard to reach areas like windows and gutters.

Extension ladders tend to come in double or triple variations, with the triple extension ladders providing a little extra reach for double or triple storey buildings. These longer step ladders often feature rope operation, meaning they can be extended by anyone with ease. If you don’t have extension ladders, renting this type of ladder and scaffolding like the youngman board hire is also a great idea. 

So, if the outside of your home is looking like it needs a bit of a spruce up, then an extension ladder is the way to go. They’ll get you to an appropriate height to un-clog your guttering, clean your windows and (later on in the year) hang your Christmas lights!


Step Ladders

Step ladders are the best all-round ladders for use indoors, they’re very compact, lightweight and easy to move around. Most ladder companies offer step ladders in a selection of different materials so that you can do different kinds of jobs.

Aluminium step ladders are perfect most jobs like painting and decorating that require you to move around your home. We’d recommend looking at an aluminium platform step ladder if you want to decorate, these provide you with plenty of space to put your tins of paint, brushes and (all important) cup of tea down while you get on with the task at hand.

Glass fibre step ladders are ideal if you need to complete a job where there’s a potential electrical hazard. This includes things like changing lightbulbs or trimming a hedge that’s situated near to a power line.

How do Glass fibre step ladders protect you from electricity? Well, they’re non-conductive meaning that if the worst should happen and you accidentally touch a live wire, you shouldn’t receive a nasty shock. Of course, you should always take precautions before putting yourself in any electrical danger and we’d recommend leaving the really complex and dangerous electrical jobs to the professionals.



Roof Ladders

Roof ladders are probably the most specialist of the ladders we’ve mentioned, but they still have their uses around the home. Although the thought of getting up on the roof might not be appealing to everyone, it can be done easily and safely with an appropriate roof ladder.

Designed with a hooked end and wheels to help you guide them into place, roof ladders can be fixed over the hump of your roof to provide you with a stable space to climb and manoeuvre.

So, with these three ladders you can – clean your windows and gutters, paint and decorate your home and even fix or replace your roof tiles.


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