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Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

When it comes to different types of kitchen layouts, there are a whole host to choose from but you need to consider which one would work best for you? It is well worth exploring this before you start looking for a new kitchen as layout is key to a kitchen looking and functioning as you would like it too.


An L shaped kitchen

I think my favourite kitchen design layout has to be an  L shaped kitchen

L shaped kitchens are brilliant space savers which provide maximum worktop coverage. In a small kitchen like mine with a big, busy, bustling, food-loving family an L shaped kitchen works just perfectly.  The one below form Schmidt kitchens is a great example of the sort of  space saving functionality that a kitchen like this can bring.




A U shaped kitchen

A U shaped kitchen uses every bit of space available and looks a lot more compact and cosy than an L shaped kitchen but obviously provides even more storage and workspace. This would be ideal for a keen cook whose pots, pans and chopping boards end up covering every surface.  

People often choose U shaped kitchen if they are wanting to create space for a dining area too so these are often a popular choice. Also popular is the use of an island to separate the U shaped kitchen from the dining area and further maximizing worktop space. 


A T shaped kitchen 

A  T-shaped kitchen might be a new concept to you – it is to me! But it is very cool. A T-shaped kitchen comes in the form of an island designed in the shaped of a “T’.  (Take a look at the image below and you will see what I mean) isn’t that clever? An extension flows out from the island and acts as a table, which is both a practical and sleek looking kitchen design solution.




Galley Kitchen – Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

Galley kitchens are the typical option for apartments and small homes and can look super stylish. In a galley kitchen all the units are fitted along one wall and this makes everything reachable and forces you to be minimalist ith your cooking appliances (no bad thing!) 

Whilst it might feel rather limiting to have such a linear and streamlined kitchen there are still a lot of options at your disposal You can play around with worktop materials and with colour to make it totally fit your needs and adhere to the style of your home. 

If your kitchen isn’t so tiny but you like the galley design you can always plump for a parallel kitchen, which features two worktops running parallel to each other along both walls. This creates more of a sense of space than a U shaped kitchen whilst further increasing worktop space. 


Final thoughts on Different Types of Kitchen Layouts

Whatever kind of kitchen design you choose the key things to think about are the size of your home, how you use you kitchen and how many other people will be using it at the same time. It has to look good but practicality and function win the day when it comes to layout. Accessories and materials are what will make it fit in with the rest of your scheme but design and layout need to be focused on performance. 

Which layout would you choose for your home?



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