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DIY Office Cleaning Hacks: Simple and Effective Ways to Keep Your Workspace Spotless

Today – DIY Office Cleaning Hacks.

Keeping your workplace clean and spotless can feel like a daunting task. On top of all your other work-related responsibilities, you’ve got to make sure that you’re cleaning regularly, and buying all the necessary cleaning supplies.

While you can spend a lot on cleaning services and nifty gadgets, there are also some great little DIY office cleaning hacks that you can use to make life easier. Let’s explore some of those office cleaning hacks.


office Cleaning Hacks


DIY Office Cleaning Hacks

Spray bins with a fragrance

One of the worst smells known to mankind is the stench that can develop in dustbins after just a short while. This gets even worse during prolonged periods of hot weather, especially if there’s food being disposed of in the bin.

While there’s no alternative to cleaning out the bin on a regular basis, it can also be helpful to spray a little fragrance in before it gets bad. Don’t go overboard – there’s nothing worse than trying to mask a bad smell with something that’s equally intense, but using just a little bit can make the bin less offensive to the nose.


Use bread to clean up broken glass

Smashed glass can be a massive pain to clean up, and the consequences of leaving any shards behind are obviously serious. While it’s obviously best to use a vacuum cleaner, if there isn’t one that’s immediately available, there are some alternative hacks that you can use.

One hack that can be surprisingly effective is to use soft white bread. Once you’ve gotten rid of the bigger pieces, being careful not to cut your fingers, you can press bread on the affected area, using it like a disposable sponge to pick up those pesky little pieces that you can barely even see.


Bike pumps to clean under keys

Everyone knows how annoying it is to have sticky keys. When we get a new computer, we swear that we’ll never snack near it again, but moments later find ourselves hungry and spilling bits of crisps all over the place.

If you need to clean under the keys on your computer, the best way to do so (without taking the keys off) is to use compressed air. If you don’t have a special tool available, then you can try using bike pumps. Ask around, if there are any keen cyclists around who cycle to work then they might have one in their bike maintenance bag!


Enforce the use of travel mugs

Last but not least, here’s a preventative measure that you should consider taking. By implementing a travel-mug-only policy, you can minimise the probability that there will be any disastrous drink spills in the workplace, saving both the time it would take to clean up those spills and likely avoiding catastrophic damage to computers and other electrical devices.Hopefully, these DIY office cleaning hacks will have you inspired to come up with some of your own techniques and have the skills of a cleaning team like SMC Premier. The whole point is to use whatever you have on hand and readily available, to help make your life as easy as possible.


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