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Do you need a petrol pressure washer to tidy up your garden?

Tending the plants in your garden isn’t the only part of gardening, as maintenance of all outdoor areas is equally important to what you’re planning to plant. Problematic areas such as patio and decking areas being subject to the elements look grubby and weathered with time. When it comes to cleaning these spaces, you need to decide if you want to invest in a petrol-powered pressure washer. Here we’ll take a look at why you might choose to opt for the petrol option.


Brilliant if you don’t have an outdoor power plug for the garden, saving on hanging an extension cord out of a window. Having a cable placed in this manner is potentially dangerous as it poses a trip hazard while leaving the connecting plug vulnerable to water exposure. With a self-contained petrol washer, these dangers are removed entirely. Power washing a patio or deck that has become slippery is for your safety; extending that safety to the washing itself makes sense.



Engine Power

According to Appliance Hunter, in their review of several petrol pressure washers, one of the main benefits is power. Most petrol models have powerful engines built to last a long time due to their history as industrial machines. Thankfully this staying power hasn’t been compromised with the move into the domestic market, making a petrol washer a sound investment. The grunt of these motors ensures an efficient clean, getting all the grime off the first time.


Not being tethered to an electric output allows for excellent manoeuvrability. Freedom of movement is ideal when you have a large area to cover or more than one location to pressure wash. Bundle to machine into your vehicle, take it to a remote holiday home, and not worry about the power being off when you get there. Also, ideal if you have a commercial need for a pressure washer, as you won’t infringe on clients looking for a suitable plug.

Prep Fences

The power behind a petrol washer makes it perfect if you want to clean things like a fence ahead of repainting. Dirt and loose paint will soon be removed, leaving you with a clean surface to work with. Depending on pressure and nozzle angle, you can entirely strip painted surfaces or just clean them. Such a feature makes it easy to pressure wash various things in one session while achieving different results.


petrol pressure washer to tidy up your garden?

When To Go Electrical

Petrol pressure washers run louder than their electric counterparts, so do consider this if you live in a built-up area. If you only have a small patio or driveway that you plan to regularly pressure wash and neighbours within close proximity, an electric model will probably suit your needs better. You’ll still achieve a decent water pressure and satisfying clean to your outdoor living areas, without annoying neighbours.

The answer to whether you need a petrol pressure washer comes down to your usage needs. A petrol pressure washer best serves requirements involving heavy usage, large areas, and multiple locations. Light domestic use will manage with an electric washer perfectly well.


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