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Do your Parents do your Laundry?

 Do your parents do your laundry?

I had a friend who used to hide the fact that his mum did his ironing form his girlfriend. I thought it was so FUNNY! His mum was so in on the act too and it wasn’t until they married that my fired (in his 30’s) had to fess up that he did not know how to use an iron.



Do you have a problem with your laundry?

A lot of people do… did you know young families are likely to use their washing machine 260 times a year (an average of five times per week) thats a lot of life taken up thinking abut, sorting, loading, drying, folding and putting away laundry.



Do your parents do your laundry?

I thought my friend’s situation was highly unusual but today I have been having a read of a post called the launderette of mum and dad and I have to tell you I am utterly shocked at the statistics! Apparently a whopping 65% of us still rely on Mum and Dad to help out with the laundry from time to time – wow!

 11% of those surveyed say they can’t be bothered while 24% think that their Mum or Dad enjoys doing the washing (Newsflash: We really don’t!)

11% also had their parents STILL doing their laundry in their 30’s!

Note to self – there is no way I am going to be one of those statistics!



Why do people rely on their parents to do their laundry?

It really isn’t just laziness apparently. Nope. There are better excuses than that.  Lack of time and worrying about wrecking the laundry are the two biggest reasons that we’re still not confident in our laundry abilities. according to the survey.

Well, if these were my adult kids, I’d suggest they get up 10 minutes earlier and I would teach them the laundry skills they need.

What rubbiish reasons!


do your parents do your laundry

Laundry overwhelm

19% of Brits say they have too much laundry to deal with and oh blimey I do know that feeling. Sometimes it just overwhelms you doesn’t it. It’s worse for me when my kids have had sports as that plus school uniform plus our clothes is just overwhelming. my kids also tens to put everything in the wash at once (after it has lain on their floor for days) so my laundry basket can go from nothing to too full superfast


Adept with appliances

As I suspected though there is a gender difference in these shocking stats. Look how many men have their parents do their laundry than women, not as big a difference as I suspected though) I am DETERMINED my son is going to be very capable with washing machines and adept with appliances generally!






Industrial Washing Machines available at Wolf Laundry might be just the thing to tackle how much washing my kids churn out!

How to solve this

Age 12 and 15 my kids bring laundry to the machine and sort it, help me hang it out and put away their own. they both know how to work the machine too. They are NOT going to be relying on me in their  30’s! Start them young I say!


As ever, I would love to hear from you. please let me know in the comments below  …. Do your parents do your laundry?



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