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Does a dropped kerb add value?

Have you ever wondered does a dropped kerb add value?

Do you ever struggle with getting on and off the road from your garage? Whether you are a pedestrian, motorist, or wheelchair users, investing in a dropped kerb might be the solution you need. In many areas where there are many pedestrians and countless road junctions, kerbs are lowered for easier access making it easier for the pedestrians and motorists to enter the street. They can be the difference between an organization that receives a diverse clientele or not. A dropped kerb is more like a ramp stairwell in public establishments because it is wheelchair-friendly.

Dropping a kerb involves lowering a section of pavement to lie on the same level as the path and the street. When the height level difference is made on the specific part of the pavement, it makes it easier for motorists to park on a busy street and access properties, and pedestrians can easily cross busy roads. This process is beneficial for various good reasons, and here are examples of kerbs dropping in your area.


Does a dropped kerb add value?


Main benefits of kerb dropping

1.Benefits to pedestrians and wheel chair users.

Many accidents occur in the process of a pedestrian crossing a busy road. Lowering pavements near a zebra crossing area makes it easier for pedestrians and wheelchair users to move on and off the streets. The neighborhood council provides a dropped kerb if homeowners in that area request for them. It is important to note that only approved contractors can carry out kerb dropping, and it should be done with absolute care to serve all road users.


2.Benefits to vehicle crossing

Dropped kerbs automatically enable drivers to come off the roadway and drive onto or across driveways and footways. With these structures in place, vehicles are less prone to damage related to sudden drops and climbs, including tire impact, bumper scratches, and pavement damage. They are suitable for crossing over lanes into your driveway and creating appropriate parking spaces, that is, if you own a property with on-road parking.


Does a dropped kerb add value? Other benefits of kerb dropping

  1. Kerb dropping allows you to drive across the public footpath into your property legally, unlike suddenly driving onto pedestrians’ paths.2. The strengthened pavement on dropped kerbs safeguards the underground services from damages caused by your car weight. Without this strengthening, you will be accounted for any damages done to the pavement, and as a result, the cost can be too expensive.3. A dropped kerb allows vehicles to mount and drop gently and smoothly from the pavements without having to leave damage to your car wheels and springs.

    4. We all know that parking on the road while blocking a dropped kerb is an offence. This works to ensure that people stop parking in front of your driveway and provides a free entrance and exit to your property. However, you can legally park across a dropped kerb if you have registered with the local council. This happens especially when you have visitors using the driveway and park across the drop kerb.

    5. Having many residents in possession of a drop kerb decreases the number of non-resident cars parked on roads. This increases the popularity of the area and, most importantly, the property value.


Final thoughts

The adding of a drop kerb on your property makes it easier to access the driveway. If you decide on investing in it, try transforming a section of your compound into a driveway with a drop kerb access to the road. This will prevent too many vehicles in the street and allow you to have your parking spot. Have your car registered by the local council for you to park over the drop kerb serving your property legally. Also pass the information to the proper authorities ahead of time to avoid getting a parking penalty.

A dropped kerb will lead to additional clientele in commercial places as it provides a conducive spot to drive off the street and move into the parking area. Such establishments also attract handicapped clients as those who use wheelchairs to use the dropped kerb easily. Many establishments should invest in dropped kerb to attract a diversified group of customers and be more friendly to the disabled population.



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