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Does bright light therapy really work?

Today – Does bright light therapy really work?

Over the past 4 weeks I have been reviewing a bright light therapy lamp from Innolux. I wasn’t really sure what to expect from it or how it worked but I was excited to give it a go.

I hope my review goes some way to answering any questions you have about light therapy.

Does bright light therapy really work


Why do we need bright light therapy?

Research shows that bright light therapy improves overall well-being, regardless of whether you suffer from seasonal affective disorder.Apparently it  can help anyone to support their wellbeing year round.  Improvements were found in 10 days and lasted a month after stopping therapy. The findings state that light can influence how someone feels, their productivity and even what they choose to eat, proving that how we use light in our home can have a huge impact on our lifestyles and health.

Apparently most of us are severely light deprived

 because levels of brightness in our homes aren’t high enough to help regulate our body clock. In fact, less than five per cent of daylight filters into the average home.

The normal indoor lighting in a well lit home is as little as 100 lux – this is a thousand times less than the volume of natural light outside on an average summer day. No wonder we are all feeling a little gloomy when we are shut up inside for the majority of the day.

Innolux iaa Finnish design lighting brand who specialise in creating light that mimics natural sunlight (without UV damage) and their lamps give at least 10,000 lux.


Does bright light therapy really work?

Okay here is the science bit …

Bright light devices work by delivering daylight or light of specific wavelengths to the back of the eye (retina) to help keep the circadian and other rhythms relating to the body clock stable. They are most effective between 6am and 10am – when we are naturally supposed to be exposed to daylight.

With certain light devices, such as Innolux, there’s no need to look at the light directly. This means you can carry on with your everyday activities such as reading, eating, working or watching TV while taking advantage of bright light therapy.


How did I get on?


Does bright light therapy really work


Well I was definitely in a slump before I started using the lamp. I have always found winter gives me the blues. This fabulously stylish lamp looked great on my desk and didn’t strain my eyes at all.

I have a pretty dark house and the light is terrible. I work at home and spend most of my days in a dim corner of the kitchen. It had been getting me down.

I was a bit sceptical about bright light therapy wondering how artificial light would make any difference. I did however pop the light on my desk  25 cm away as recommended and every day for the last four weeks I have had it on for a couple of hours.

I really do believe it has made a difference.

I seem to be concentrating more and my mood definitely feels brighter. I will certainly keep using it. I feel a bit more dynamic and energised and when I put the light on it really seems to wake me up.


Would I recommend it?

Yes I would, without a doubt.

The Innolux stylish range of bright light therapy lamps are available in the UK from www.purelifestylewonders.com from £89









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