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Does Your Radiator Have To Be Ugly?

  Today – Does Your Radiator Have To Be Ugly?

Radiator Have To Be Ugly

Does Your Radiator Have To Be Ugly?

When you come to redesign your home, the possibilities are endless. It is always super exciting to start thinking about new colour schemes, materials and furniture which you want to bring into the room, and the whole home can be transformed with the right combination of items.

One thing which always seems to be left out of the redecorating process is your radiator. The radiator is a feature of each house which has always been more about practicality than style. You can have the most wonderful looking home in the world, and there will be a big chunky radiator sitting in the corner of the room which seems to ruin the effect. To save you some annoyance this year when you redecorate, here are some of the ways that you can bring your radiator into your design.


A makeshift shelf

The first way that you can use a radiator is to put things on top of it. If you hardly ever use your radiator, there is nothing stopping you from using it as a makeshift shelf and placing artwork, books and even popuri onto its surface. Sure, you will still have a chunky radiator on the wall, but you are owning it and putting it to use instead of leaving it out of your design.


Go designer

If you hate the look and style of your radiator, you can buy designer electric radiators online which will give you a whole new look. There’s no need to stick with your thick and chunky white radiator for the rest of time. The times change and style change, and there are more options available for you to buy every single day. For a stunning feature in your home you could buy a vertical chrome radiator which flows through the room and looks like a sculpture. This is the sort of radiator you will be happy to have on display.


Paint it

If you can’t fix it, paint it. Painting things is the ultimate way to change the look and feel of your room without having to fork out a huge chunk of money. For your radiator you could go for a soft pastel colour, a bold and bright colour, or even paint a pattern onto it to make a unique piece of art on your wall. Painting your radiator shows that you acknowledge you have this feature and you will make it shine as part of the home anyway.


Hide it

The other way to eliminate the issue of a radiator in your Home would be to hide it. You can create a false wooden box around the radiator and leave some gaps for heat to escape. This will hide the radiator from view and it will allow you to feel as if it isn’t even there. It can be done in a number of ways and all of these ways will eliminate the radiator from your room.


Cover it up

If you are struggling to know what you can do with your radiator, you can always think about covering it up. You can cover a radiator with fabric, a cage or even something a like a sofa or chair. Covering your radiator will make life easier because you no longer need to worry about how it looks. Just make sure that you leave gaps when covering your radiator so that it is able to breathe when turned on.


Move it

The radiator doesn’t have to stay in the same place all the time. When you come to redecorating your home, you might decide that you don’t like the position of the radiator anymore. This is absolutely fine, and you can move the radiator onto a different wall in another part of the house. You don’t even need to have a radiator in every single room if you have a small house, so have a think about removing it altogether and this can free up a huge amount of wall space for you to place new things.


Think feature

The last option for decorating your Home and radiator is to not do a single thing. If you are going for a modern design or a shabby chic one, a radiator can actually be a great feature to the room. Leave it be and you will be able to notice the comfort, the homeliness and the history it brings to the space. A radiator like this has been around for decades, and it can be a little nod to nostalgia in your modern home.

Does Your Radiator Have To Be Ugly? Well, it is a resounding no from me!

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