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Doors for Small Spaces

Doors for small spaces and how we can maximise how great they look and how space saving they are.


Doors for Small Spaces

Doors for small spaces

When you feel stuck in a rut at home, it’s easy to spend an afternoon browsing away at interior design websites looking for fresh ideas of colour schemes and furniture. If you’re really looking to freshen up your home, why not think outside the box and change the shape and space of the rooms? It doesn’t have to be hard – simply changing the style of the doors can help. Pocket doors are usually employed in utility rooms where space for a swinging door is limited, but when used in bigger spaces can help to add more space and air to freshen up a room. Here are some ideas to incorporate pocket doors into different rooms.



If your smallest room is a little too small and cramped, a pocket door can help add that extra corner’s worth of necessary space, perfect for extra storage. A pocket door in a bathroom is particularly helpful for an en-suite bathroom, where space is likely to be extremely limited, and rails can be added on the back for hanging towels and dressing gowns for sleek and stylish storage. In a shared bathroom, pocket doors are easy to affix locks to and can help the space seem more clean cut.


Kitchen Doors for small spaces

The kitchen is undeniably the bedrock of a family home – used for homework, leisurely reading, welcoming guests and for family dinners, it’s the most used room of the house. Whether your kitchen is its own space or part of an open plan room, a pocket door can help your kitchen to feel more open and accessible.

Windowed pocket doors, either exterior or interior, can help to maximise the amount of natural lighting in the kitchen as well, perfect for summer barbeques and parties, and invaluable for smaller kitchens which an all too often feel cramped and dingy.


Living Room/Dining Room Doors for Small Spaces

In most homes, the living and dining spaces are one and the same. In this way, sliding doors can be incredibly effective as room dividers, allowing you to separate your family dining discussions from relaxing in front of the TV.

When entertaining guests, pocket doors can look especially impressive as you can chop and change how you divide up the room, creating the illusion of a wide, airy space. Leave the doors open to create an elegant air of invitation for visitors, and close them for privacy or cozy, intimate dining.

If you are worried about one space being too dark, look for translucent or stained glass style doors which allow light to pass through both rooms. Additionally, you can play with the design of your pocket doors, from laser cut filigree designs to bright block colours to match your room decor.


 doors for small spaces


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