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The Big Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming Night

Today – Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming Night

It is no secret that homecoming is a massive highlight in a youngster’s social calendar. It’s a day where everyone bands together to celebrate and enjoy the festivities. But, if you’ve never experienced a homecoming celebration, things can get a little confusing. So, here is our guide to a few do’s and don’ts you should know about.


Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming



Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming Night – The Do’s


  1. Do Get Dressed Up

One of the best parts about homecoming is the excuse to go all out and get dressed up in a stunning outfit with accessories and get your hair and makeup done. If you’ve not started thinking about what to wear yet, 2017’s trends are all about lace, details, long flowing gowns, and sheer elegance. You can check out the hottest homecoming dresses for this season. Be sure to pick a dress you love, are comfortable in, and one that suits your body shape.


  1. Make a Memorable Entrance

Instead of having your date drive you to the event, or driving yourself, why not splash out and show up in style? You could try renting a stretch Hummer limo or even an antique vehicle to make a seriously grand entrance.


  1. Go Bold

Don’t be afraid to show off your amazing fashion sense with bold pieces of jewellery that complement your outfit. Don’t forget about your hair, either. You’ll want a hairstyle that complements your dress, too. So, if you’ve chosen an outfit with a unique neckline or back design, get an up-do to show those features off. If your dress is a little simpler, wear an intricate down style.


  1. Have Fun!

Firstly, go to homecoming with someone you will have fun with, be it a significant other, a friend, or a group of friends – it’s all about having fun throughout the night. Next, make sure you have fun dancing and just being silly with your crew. Homecoming should be all about fun, so leave the drama at home.


Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming Night

The Don’ts


  1. Don’t Go for a Tan

Great news: fair skin is all the rage! And besides that, tanning is just bad for your skin. If you really want a darker complexion for your outfit, pick a spray tan or tanning lotion.


  1. Don’t Overdo the Makeup

Less is always more, especially for formal events. So, use subtle and carefully-chosen makeup that will enhance your natural features and ensure people still recognize you.


  1. Don’t Pick an Uncomfortable Dress

The dress you pick is the one you will likely wear and dance in all night, so make sure you are comfortable and avoid dresses that can irritate your skin or ones that are just too tight. While you’re at it, don’t freak out if someone is wearing the same dress, it’s really not the end of the world and you’ll probably rock it in different ways! Here is how to pick the perfect dress


  1. Don’t Over Indulge

In fact, don’t ruin the best night ever with drugs or alcohol.


Do’s And Don’ts For Homecoming Night


That’s all there is too it, now go out there and have the best homecoming night ever!




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